Top 15 Tallest Soccer Players In The World (2024 Rankings)

Imagine standing next to a soccer player who towers over you at 6’10’. Picture yourself, a die-hard fan, straining your neck to see their face as you try to snap a selfie together.

Now, visualize the incredible advantage these towering players have on the field. In a sport where height can be crucial for headers, corners, and goalkeeping, these athletes stand out for their skill and extraordinary stature.

You may be wondering who these giants of the soccer world are. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 15 tallest soccer players in the world. So you can learn more about them and find a new favorite player to root for.

As you read, you’ll discover goalkeepers who can reach incredible heights to make saves, strikers who can quickly head the ball, and defenders who can shut down their opponents with their imposing presence.

Join us on this exciting journey into the world of towering soccer stars, and you’ll feel a sense of belonging to this elite group of athletes.

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1. Kristof Van Hout – 6’10” (209 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

Standing at an impressive 6’10’ (209 cm), Kristof Van Hout is certainly a towering figure on the field. As the tallest soccer player in the world, his height gives him a unique advantage, especially as a goalkeeper.

With his long limbs and ability to cover a large area. He’s often seen making seemingly impossible saves, providing an essential last line of defense for his team.

As a member of the soccer community, appreciating the rare physical gifts of players like Van Hout allows you to further understand the diverse talents required in the sport.

Analyzing Van Hout’s career, it becomes clear that his height is not the only reason for his success. His dedication and commitment to the sport, as well as his agility and quick reflexes, have all contributed to his impressive performances on the field.

As soccer enthusiasts, it’s essential to recognize that players like Van Hout are a testament to the fact that physical attributes, combined with hard work and passion, can lead to extraordinary achievements in the world of soccer.

By acknowledging and celebrating these achievements. You’re embracing the sense of belonging and connection that comes with being a part of the global soccer community.

2. Paul Millar – 6’9″ (207 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

They say the sky’s the limit, and Paul Millar proves that true in football. At 6’9′ (207 cm), this towering Northern Irish striker, born in 1986, is considered one of the tallest soccer players in the world.

His enormous height advantage has been a critical factor in his career. Allowing him to dominate aerial duels and become a potent target for set pieces.

Millar’s presence on the pitch is hard to ignore, and his stature has caught the attention of both fans and opponents alike. As a member of the football community, you can’t help but admire how he’s been able to use his height to his advantage and carve out a successful career in the sport.

Throughout his career, Millar has played for various clubs in Northern Ireland and Scotland, such as Glentoran, Newry City, and Glenavon.

Despite facing challenges that come with being an exceptionally tall footballer, such as having a more important center of gravity which can affect balance and agility. He has consistently shown his ability to adapt and excel.

His dedication to the sport and determination to overcome these obstacles resonates with football fans everywhere.

As someone who’s part of the larger football community. You can appreciate the hard work that goes into achieving success at any level of the sport. Paul Millar is a prime example of that perseverance paying off.

3. Simon Bloch Jørgensen – 6’9″ (205 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

As a football enthusiast, you can’t help but be impressed by Simon Bloch Jørgensen’s towering 6’9′ (205 cm) presence on the field and how he’s leveraged it to make a name for himself in the sport.

This Danish goalkeeper has used his height to his advantage, making it difficult for opponents to score against him. With his impressive physical stature, it’s no surprise that he’s considered one of the tallest soccer players in the world.

Simon Bloch Jørgensen’s career has been marked by several achievements that showcase his prowess as a goalkeeper:

  • He started his professional career at FC Copenhagen, one of the most successful clubs in Denmark.
  • Signed with Accrington Stanley in 2017, a club competing in the English Football League (EFL)
  • He made his international debut for the Denmark U21 team in 2015
  • She boasts a wingspan of 83 inches (211 cm), giving him an exceptional reach to make saves that other goalkeepers might struggle with
  • Named Goalkeeper of the Tournament at the 2013 UEFA European Under-19 Championship

By following Simon Bloch Jørgensen’s career. You’re not only witnessing a unique and remarkable athlete but also joining a community of football enthusiasts who appreciate the incredible talent and dedication it takes to succeed in the sport.

So, go ahead and share your admiration for this towering goalkeeper with your fellow football fans, and be proud to be part of a group that values the diverse and fascinating world of soccer.

4. Vanja Ivesa – 6’9″ (205 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

It’s hard not to be in awe of Vanja Ivesa’s incredible 6’9″ (205 cm) frame. Which has undoubtedly played a significant role in his successful career as a goalkeeper.

Born on March 21, 1977, in Croatia, Ivesa’s height has undoubtedly given him an edge over his contemporaries. Making it difficult for opponents to score past him.

With a professional career spanning over two decades, Vanja Ivesa has used his impressive stature to his advantage, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Throughout his career, Ivesa has played for various clubs, primarily in Croatia, with a brief stint in Turkey. His performances have been consistently solid, earning him respect and admiration from fans and fellow players. Here’s a quick glimpse of his career statistics:

Club Years Active Appearances
NK Istra 1995-1999 95
NK Osijek 1999-2001 60
Trabzonspor (Turkey) 2001-2002 8

These numbers only scratch the surface of Ivesa’s impact on the teams he has played for. His commanding presence in the goal has undoubtedly contributed to the success of these clubs.

As a towering figure in soccer, Vanja Ivesa has made his mark and inspired aspiring goalkeepers to harness their unique physical attributes to excel in the sport.

So, as you follow the careers of the tallest soccer players in the world, keep an eye out for Vanja Ivesa and his remarkable achievements.

5. Yang Changpeng – 6’8.5″ (204 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

Imagine standing next to Yang Changpeng, who towers at an astounding 6’8.5′ (204 cm). Making him one of the most imposing figures in the sport.

Nicknamed ‘The Chinese Peter Crouch’ due to his height and resemblance to the former English footballer. Yang has become an icon not only for his stature but also for his perseverance and determination.

The Chinese striker has faced numerous challenges throughout his career, including injuries and international transfers. He’s remained steadfast in his pursuit of success on the soccer field.

As a fan of the beautiful game. You can’t help but be intrigued by a player who breaks the mold and defies conventional expectations.

Yang Changpeng’s height gives him a clear advantage in aerial duels, allowing him to outmuscle opponents and dominate set pieces.

However, he can adapt and evolve his game, which truly sets him apart. Demonstrating that even the tallest soccer players possess the skill and finesse required to excel at the highest level.

By embracing his unique attributes and overcoming adversity. Yang Changpeng has forged a path for himself in soccer, proving that there’s a place for everyone in this diverse and captivating sport.

6. Tonny Brogaard – 6’8.5″ (204 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

Standing at an impressive 6’8.5′ (204 cm), Tonny Brogaard defies the odds and wows fans everywhere with his exceptional presence on the field.

As a Danish soccer player, Brogaard has made a name for himself for his towering height and his undeniable talent and skill in the game.

Playing as a forward, he has represented various Danish clubs, such as Viborg FF, Skive IK, and Thisted FC, in his professional career, proving that being tall doesn’t hinder his ability to perform and excel in soccer.

When watching Brogaard play, it’s impossible not to notice the unique advantages his height gives him on the field. His towering presence enables him to easily win headers, making him a formidable opponent for defenders to overcome.

Additionally, his long legs cover more ground, allowing him to reach balls that other players might not be able to.

Despite his size, Brogaard has demonstrated remarkable agility and ball control, debunking any myths that taller players are less coordinated.

As a soccer enthusiast, you can’t help but feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie with other fans who admire and appreciate the unique talents that players like Tonny Brogaard bring to the beautiful game.

7. Lacina Traoré – 6’8″ (203 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

You can’t help but be in awe of Lacina Traoré’s towering 6’8′ (203 cm) frame as he dominates the field with his incredible skill and presence.

This Ivorian striker has made a name for himself in various European leagues, from France’s Ligue 1 to Russia’s Premier League, using his height to his advantage in aerial duels and headers.

His unique size and technical ability have made him a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. As a result, he has become an inspiration for tall soccer players and fans alike who aspire to reach similar heights in the sport.

  1. Powerful Headers: Traoré’s height allows him to tower over defenders and easily win aerial battles, allowing him to score vital goals for his team.
  2. Intimidating Presence: His sheer size can intimidate opponents, leading to mistakes and creating chances for his teammates to capitalize on.
  3. Deceptive Agility: Despite his tall stature, Traoré possesses surprising agility and dribbling skills, often leaving defenders bewildered as he glides past them with the ball.

As you watch Lacina Traoré effortlessly outmaneuver his opponents and score incredible goals. You can’t help but feel a sense of pride and admiration for his accomplishments.

By embracing his unique physical attributes and honing his skills. He’s shown that even the tallest soccer players can significantly impact the field.

So, whether you’re a fellow tall player or someone who appreciates the beauty of the beautiful game. Let Traoré’s success serve as a reminder that you can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in soccer.

8. Costel Pantilimon – 6’8″ (203 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

There’s no denying that Costel Pantilimon’s impressive 6’8′ (203 cm) height turns heads on the pitch. He is the tallest goalkeeper to ever play in the English Premier League.

This Romanian giant’s stature gives him a unique advantage in goal. Allowing him to cover more of the net and intimidate his opponents with his commanding presence.

But it’s not just his height that makes Pantilimon stand out. His agility, reflexes, and positioning also play a vital role in his success. When you watch him play, you can’t help but be in awe of how he uses his physical attributes to maximize his impact on the field.

As a soccer fan, it’s fascinating to observe how Pantilimon’s height affects his gameplay and how he’s adapted to excel. Over the years, he has honed his skills and learned to use his size to his advantage, making him a formidable force in goal.

If you’re an aspiring goalkeeper or even just someone fascinated by the nuances of the beautiful game. Watching Pantilimon in action provides a unique perspective on how different body types can excel in soccer.

By appreciating the diverse talents and attributes that players like Pantilimon bring to the sport. You can deepen your connection to the game and feel a greater sense of belonging within the global soccer community.

9. Tor Hogne Aarøy – 6’8″ (203 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

At an equal height of 6’8′ (203 cm), Tor Hogne Aarøy makes a striking impression on the field. This Norwegian soccer player has established himself as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to his towering stature and skillful playing style.

As a forward, Aarøy has become a master of aerial duels, using his height to his advantage and becoming a nightmare for defenders.

His style of play has made him a valuable asset for the teams he has played in, including Aalesund, where he became a fan favorite and helped them secure their first Norwegian Cup in 2009.

Aarøy’s career began in his home country, playing for Lillestrøm and Aalesund, before moving to Japan to join JEF United Chiba in 2011.

Despite the cultural differences, his presence on the field garnered worldwide attention and admiration from soccer enthusiasts.

After a brief stint in Japan, Aarøy returned to Aalesund in 2012 and continued to shine as one of soccer’s tallest and most effective forwards.

As a fellow soccer fan, you can’t help but marvel at Aarøy’s unique combination of size and skill and feel a sense of pride when you witness a player like him defying expectations and making a significant impact in the soccer world.

10. Lovre Kalinic – 6’7″ (201 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

Standing at an impressive 6’7′ (201 cm), Lovre Kalinic dominates the field as a formidable goalkeeper, making it incredibly difficult for opponents to get a ball past him.

Born in Croatia, Kalinic began his professional soccer career with Hajduk Split, one of the country’s most famous clubs. His towering presence and exceptional skills in goal quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best goalkeepers in the region.

As a member of the Croatian national team, Kalinic has also proven his worth on the international stage, with appearances in major tournaments like the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where Croatia reached the final.

As a fan of the beautiful game, you can’t help but admire how Kalinic uses his height to his advantage, covering more ground and reaching for those seemingly impossible saves.

His agility and reflexes, combined with his height, make him a force to be reckoned with between the posts.

He has also been known to venture out of his box and use his aerial prowess to clear crosses and set pieces, further cementing his status as a top goalkeeper.

As you watch Kalinic play, you become part of a community that appreciates each player’s unique skills and attributes to the pitch – it’s what makes soccer such a diverse and captivating sport.

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11. Oyvind Hoas – 6’7″ (201 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

Despite being the same towering height as Kalinic, Oyvind Hoas isn’t exactly a household name in football.

This Norwegian striker, standing at an impressive 6’7′ (201 cm), has had a journeyman career. Playing for several clubs in Norway and Denmark.

Hoas’s height gives him a distinctive edge on the field, particularly regarding aerial duels and set pieces. Yet, despite his physical stature, he remains somewhat under the radar in football.

Here are five interesting facts about Oyvind Hoas that might pique your curiosity:

  • Born on August 9, 1983, in Kristiansund, Norway
  • He began his professional career with the Norwegian club Molde FK in 2002
  • He has played for a total of 11 different clubs during his career, including Honefoss BK, Fredrikstad FK, and Danish side AGF Aarhus
  • Scored a hat trick for Honefoss BK in a 2010 Norwegian Cup match against Asker
  • He retired from professional football in 2017, finishing his career with Norwegian third-tier club Kristiansund BK

As you can see, Hoas’s career has taken him on quite a journey through the footballing world.

While he may not have achieved the same fame as some of his taller counterparts. His dedication to the sport and impressive physical attributes make him a noteworthy addition to the tallest soccer players.

So, next time you discuss football with your friends. Remember Oyvind Hoas and share these fascinating facts to show off your extensive knowledge of the sport.

12. Peter Crouch – 6’7″ (201 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

You’re probably more familiar with Peter Crouch, another towering 6’7′ (201 cm) footballer who’s significantly impacted the sport.

Crouch’s height has often been a talking point throughout his career, but his talent and dedication have truly set him apart.

Having played for clubs like Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Stoke City, Crouch’s career spanned over two decades, during which he racked up an impressive 108 Premier League goals.

His trademark ‘robot dance’ celebration endeared him to fans worldwide, making him an iconic figure in football history.

While Crouch’s height has undoubtedly played a role in his success as a forward, his intelligence, positioning, and technical ability should be celebrated. For instance, he can score with both his head and feet, showcasing his versatility and adaptability on the field.

Additionally, Crouch’s slight frame has allowed him to develop a unique playing style that often baffles opponents and creates opportunities for his team.

As a member of the tall soccer players’ Club, Peter Crouch has shown that height can be an asset in the world of football, but it’s the combination of skill, determination, and passion that truly makes a player stand out.

13. Thibaut Courtois – 6’6″ (199 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

At a towering 6’6′ (199 cm), Thibaut Courtois has genuinely climbed the ladder of success in football, and his impressive height is just the tip of the iceberg regarding his exceptional skills as a goalkeeper. Courtois, a Belgian professional footballer, plays for Real Madrid and the Belgium national team.

His imposing stature, agility, and quick reflexes have earned him a reputation as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

  • Consistency: Courtois has been a rock-solid presence between the posts, providing assurance to his teammates and fans. He’s consistently maintained a high level of performance throughout his career. Which has been instrumental in winning numerous titles and accolades.
  • Versatility: Despite his height, Courtois is surprisingly agile and quick, allowing him to make acrobatic saves and cover a wider area of the goal, making it difficult for opponents to score against him. His adaptability to different playing styles and opponents has made him an invaluable asset to his teams.
  • Leadership: As a goalkeeper, Courtois also plays a crucial role in organizing the defense and ensuring everyone is in sync. His calm demeanor and strong communication skills contribute to a sense of unity within the team. Creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie essential for success on the pitch.

Elevate your passion for soccer by celebrating the achievements of towering talents like Thibaut Courtois, and find inspiration in their dedication and commitment to the sport we all love.

14. Fraser Forster – 6’7″ (201 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

It’s no surprise that Fraser Forster has made quite a name for himself in football. Standing at an impressive 6’7′ (201 cm). His remarkable height and exceptional goalkeeping skills have been critical factors in his success on the field.

As one of the tallest soccer players in the world. Forster’s physical advantage has allowed him to utilize his height to its full potential.

Playing for clubs like Celtic and Southampton and representing the English national team. He has become a formidable presence in the goal.

Not only does Forster’s height give him an edge in aerial duels and reaching high balls. It also allows him to cover more ground with his long legs. This ability to move quickly and efficiently has made him a fan favorite and a valuable asset to his teams.

So, when you watch Fraser Forster in action. Remember that you are witnessing one of the world’s tallest and most talented goalkeepers.

With his incredible skill set. It’s no wonder that he has found a sense of belonging in the competitive world of football. You, too, can find inspiration in his journey to the top.

15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 6’5″ (195 cm)

15 Tallest Soccer Players

As we continue our journey exploring the towering giants of the soccer world. We leave behind Fraser Forster and move on to another exceptional player who also has an impressive height.

Standing tall at 6’5′ (195 cm), Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not only known for his height but also his incredible skills and unique personality on and off the field.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish striker, has played for some of the most prestigious clubs in the world and has left a lasting impact on each of them. Here are five key facts about this soccer giant that make him stand out:

  • Club Journey: Throughout his career, Ibrahimovic has played for top clubs like Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, and LA Galaxy. He is back at AC Milan, showcasing his skills and experience.
  • National Team Success: Zlatan has represented the Swedish national team for nearly two decades, scoring a record 62 goals in 116 appearances. His international career is filled with numerous memorable moments and goals.
  • Awards and Achievements: Over the years, Ibrahimovic won numerous individual awards, including the Puskas Award for his astonishing bicycle kick goal against England in 2012. He has also won league titles in Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.
  • Martial Arts Background: Zlatan holds a black belt in taekwondo, contributing to his agility, flexibility, and unique style on the pitch. His martial arts background is often evident in his acrobatic and powerful goals.
  • Charismatic Personality: Ibrahimovic is known for his confident and larger-than-life personality, often making headlines with bold statements and witty remarks. His charisma has earned him a massive fan following, making him one of the most influential soccer players globally.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s towering presence, exceptional talent, and charisma have made him a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the field.

As we explore the world of soccer’s tallest players. It’s impossible not to be in awe of these athletes who stand tall physically and make their mark with their remarkable performances and achievements.

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You might feel like a dwarf standing next to these towering soccer players. Their height advantage can genuinely make or break a game. For instance, Peter Crouch’s impressive 201 cm stature has helped him score multiple headers.

So, next time you watch a soccer match, keep an eye out for these giants on the field. Their extraordinary height sets them apart from the rest and adds an exciting dynamic to the game. Making it even more exhilarating to watch.

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