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Our Editor-in-Chief – Michael Cooper

Meet Michael Cooper, a soccer enthusiast born and raised in Birmingham. His love for the sport was ignited the moment he saw Barcelona’s legendary midfield trio—Iniesta, Xavi, and Busquets—grace the field.

That experience was so transformative that it set the course for his academic and personal life. Michael went on to earn a degree in Sports Management, specializing in Sport and Football, to deepen his understanding of the game he loves so much.

His academic journey wasn’t just about hitting the books; it was an exploration that combined theory with his innate passion for soccer.

This unique blend of formal education and personal enthusiasm has made him an authority on the subject.

Whether it’s dissecting game strategies, analyzing player performances, or understanding the nuances that make soccer the beautiful game, Michael brings a well-rounded perspective that few can match.

In essence, Michael Cooper isn’t just a fan; he’s a dedicated student of the game, committed to understanding its every facet. His expertise is a testament to what can happen when passion meets education.

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