Top 7 Most Hated Football Clubs In Italy 2024 Guide

Did you know that a staggering 58% of Italian football fans have a strong dislike towards one particular club?

In the passionate world of Calcio, rivalries run deep, and emotions often take center stage.

As you delve into this guide on the top 7 most hated football clubs in Italy for 2024, be prepared to discover some intriguing reasons behind these intense animosities that fuel the fans’ fiery spirit.

Let us embark on an eye-opening journey as we explore the various factors contributing to these clubs earning their unenviable reputation.

From controversial ownership decisions to heated regional rivalries and notorious fan behavior, each club on this list has a unique story that sets it apart.

So buckle up and get ready to uncover what makes these teams so despised by many while also satisfying your desire for a deeper understanding of Italy’s fascinating football culture.

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1. Juventus FC

Football Clubs In Italy

You’ve probably heard of Juventus FC, and there’s a good reason they’re one of Italy’s most hated football clubs!

Their dominance in Serie A, with an impressive 36 league titles, has created a massive rivalry between them and other Italian clubs.

This success attracts envy from fans tired of seeing the same club lift the trophy year after year. Moreover, their financial power allows them to acquire top talent worldwide, fueling the fire.

Now let’s dive into some controversies that have tainted Juventus’ reputation. The Calciopoli scandal in 2006 was a turning point for many Italian football fans‘ perception of Juventus.

The club was relegated to Serie B for the first time in history after being found guilty of match-fixing. And attempting to influence referee appointments.

Such corruption left a bitter taste in people’s mouths and led many Italians to view Juventus as villains within Serie A.

Another reason so many people dislike Juventus is that they might feel that supporting this team represents conformity rather than freedom.

Rooting for ‘La Vecchia Signora’ (The Old Lady) can sometimes be seen as taking the easy way out – choosing to back an established powerhouse.

Instead of embracing the struggle of supporting a minor team with fewer resources but more heart. For those who crave rebellion and underdog stories, Football Clubs In Italy joining Juve may seem counterintuitive.

Juve C.F. is well-deservedly on our list, given the club’s history of controversies and preeminence in Italian soccer.

While it is undeniable that they are one of Italy’s most successful clubs, both nationally and internationally. It’s also clear that their accomplishments come at a cost: being one of Italy’s most hated teams.

Sometimes being at the top isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – but we’ll leave you free-thinking rebels out there to decide whether or not hating Juventus is a worthwhile cause.

2. FC Internazionale (Inter Milan)

Football Clubs In Italy

It’s no secret that the black and blue side of Milan, Inter, has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy and hatred throughout the years.

As one of Italy’s most successful clubs, Football Clubs In Italy Inter Milan occur frequently with jealousy and resentment from rival fans.

However, it’s not just their success on the pitch that has earned them a spot on this list; several incidents have contributed to their status as one of Italy’s most hated football clubs.

Inter Milan was at the center of the infamous Calciopoli scandal in 2006. The scandal involved several Italian clubs accused of fixing matches by selecting favorable referees.

While Juventus bore the brunt of the punishments handed down (including relegation), many felt that Inter escaped relatively unscathed despite being implicated in some instances.

This perceived injustice has left a bitter taste in the mouths of other club supporters who believe Inter should have faced harsher consequences for their role in the scandal.

Inter’s reputation for snatching up key players from rivals has yet to help matters. In recent history, they’ve been to acquire top talent from other Serie A teams. Which often creates bad blood between those involved.

Perhaps what earns FC Internazionale its place among Italy’s most despised football clubs is its fanbase – or, more accurately. Pockets within it known for displays of racism and intolerance toward opposing players from different ethnic backgrounds.

Though such behavior is not exclusive to Inter Milan supporters, high-profile incidents involving racist chanting or banners have further tarnished an already controversial image of this storied club.

So while you may appreciate watching FC Internazionale compete on a global stage, it’s essential to recognize why this club has earned its status as one of Italy’s most hated football clubs.

As with any sport, rivalries are an integral part of what makes football so exciting and passionate – but when those passions lead to unfair play, controversial moves, or outright bigotry, it’s vital to take a step back and consider the broader implications at stake.

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3. AC Milan

Football Clubs In Italy

While AC Milan might be known for its iconic red and black stripes and storied history, the club has also been a magnet for controversy.

As one of Italy’s most successful clubs, it’s no surprise that their passionate fan base often clashes with rival supporters.

However, various scandals have significantly Football Clubs In Italy shaped AC Milan’s reputation as one of Italy’s most hated football clubs.

AC Milan has been the target of much hostility because of its role in the Calciopoli scandal. Match-fixing allegations among referees and league officials involved multiple prominent Italian clubs in 2006.

Despite receiving the lion’s share of the fines, AC Milan dropped to third place that season in Serie. A after being deducted points in addition to Juventus. The incident has left a sour taste in the mouths of Italian football fans.

Scandal/Controversy Year Impact on Reputation
Calciopoli 2006 Tarnished image
Financial Fair Play 2018 UEFA Sanctions
Silvio Berlusconi Varying Years Questionable Ownership Decisions & Allegations
Racist Incidents Multiple Instances Damaged Club Image

Furthermore, issues with financial management have led to more disdain toward AC Milan in recent years.

The club faced UEFA sanctions due to breaches of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations in 2018. These financial struggles also impacted their performance on the field.

Leading to an extended period without significant trophies or Champions League appearances – which further fueled resentment from rivals who reveled Football Clubs In Italy in seeing a once-great team struggle.

While many admire AC Milan’s rich history and success on the pitch, it’s hard to ignore the controversies that have marred their reputation over time.

From their involvement in the Calciopoli scandal to financial mismanagement and instances of racism, these issues have made AC Milan one of Italy’s most hated football clubs.

However, their enduring fan base remains devoted and hopeful for a brighter future as they seek redemption and return to the pinnacle of Italian football.

4. SS Lazio

Football Clubs In Italy

Imagine yourself in the heart of Rome, surrounded by passionate fans and ancient history – there’s no denying that SS Lazio has had its fair share of controversy.

Founded in 1900, this Rome-based club is one of Italy’s oldest and most storied football teams. However, it has sometimes been rocky sailing for Lazio, as they’ve faced numerous scandals and a less-than-stellar reputation throughout their history.

One reason for Lazio’s notoriety is their connection to far-right politics. The club’s ultras group, Irriducibili, has been known to display fascist symbols Football Clubs In Italy during matches and engage in racist chants against opposing players.

This association with far-right ideologies has led many fans from other clubs to view Lazio negatively.

Additionally, the team has been embroiled in match-fixing scandals, further tarnishing its image.

Despite these controversies, SS Lazio boasts a loyal fan base who stand firmly behind their team through thick and thin.

They have experienced some success on the pitch as well: winning Serie A twice (in 1974 and 2000), securing six Coppa Italia titles, two Supercoppa Italiana trophies, and even reaching the UEFA Cup.

Winners’ Cup final twice (winning it once in 1999). These accomplishments have brought joy to their supporters but haven’t entirely erased the negative perceptions surrounding them.

As you immerse yourself in Italian football, understanding why certain clubs are unpopular can help deepen your appreciation for this beautiful sport.

SS Lazio may be one of Italy’s most hated teams due to its controversial past associations and actions; however, it remains an essential part of Rome’s rich football culture.

Keep an open mind when exploring each club’s unique story – remember that there will always be both ardent supporters ready to defend their team’s honor and detractors ready to criticize every misstep.

5. AS Roma

Football Clubs In Italy

As you delve deeper into Rome’s football scene, you’ll encounter another iconic team, AS Roma, whose passionate fan base and storied history contribute to the city’s vibrant sports culture. Founded in 1927.

AS Roma has had its fair share of rivalries and controversies over the years. Their intense crosstown rivalry with SS Lazio is well-known.

But they’ve also gained a reputation for being one of Italy’s most hated clubs due to their fans’ behavior and some historical incidents.

Reasons for Hate Explanation
Fan Behavior AS Roma fans have been known to engage in violent clashes with opposing supporters and have been involved in numerous high-profile incidents over the years.
Historical Incidents The club has been directly or indirectly involved in scandals such as match-fixing allegations in the past, tainting their image.
Rivalries Apart from their heated local rivalry with SS Lazio, AS Roma also enjoys fierce competition against Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan – fueling animosity among supporters.

As an outsider looking into this world of passion and intensity surrounding Italian football clubs like AS Roma, it’s important to remember that not all fans are responsible for these negative behaviors or actions.

However, it is undeniable that some aspects of their fan base have contributed significantly to the hate directed towards them.

While exploring Italy’s football landscape Football Clubs In Italy might make you yearn for your sense of belonging or freedom from societal constraints, it’s crucial to remain aware of how supporting a particular club could impact your experience.

Despite these challenges surrounding AS Roma – both on and off the pitch – they continue to be a significant part of Rome’s sports culture.

Remember to tread when navigating through this fascinating world where love and hate often walk hand-in-hand.

6. SSC Napoli

Football Clubs In Italy

So you’ve heard about the controversies surrounding AS Roma, but what about SSC Napoli? This southern Italian team has a unique story and a passionate fan base.

Indeed, Napoli has a rich history filled with both triumphs and challenges. As one of Italy’s most successful football clubs, they’ve also managed to attract their fair share of hate from rival teams and fans.

There are several reasons why some people might harbor negative feelings towards Napoli:

  • Intense regionalism: The club represents not only the city of Naples but also the entire southern region of Italy. It can lead to heated rivalries with teams from other parts of the country.
  • Historical tensions: Napoli’s rise in prominence during the 1980s coincided with a period of economic decline in northern Italy. Consequently, some view the club as a symbol of that difficult time.
  • Controversial figures: Napoli’s history is rife with tainted characters like Diego Maradona and Aurelio De Laurentiis. The club’s good name has been tarnished occasionally due to their antics.

Despite these factors contributing to SSC Napoli being one Football Clubs In Italy of Italy’s most hated football clubs, there is no denying their accomplishments on and off the field.

They have won multiple Serie A titles (most recently in 1989/90) and domestic cups. Moreover, their fan base remains among European football’s most dedicated and passionate.

As you explore more stories behind Italian football clubs like AS Roma or SSC Napoli, let your curiosity guide you through this fascinating world where passion for sport meets cultural identity.

Understanding these complex layers will provide an even richer appreciation for this beautiful game many people hold dear.

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7. Hellas Verona

Football Clubs In Italy

Ready to dive into the world of Hellas Verona and uncover the captivating stories behind this intriguing Italian football club?

Founded in 1903, Hellas Verona has a rich history that spans over a century. Although not one of Italy’s most successful clubs, they have gained a strong reputation among soccer fans.

However, this niche often comes with its fair share of controversy, contributing significantly to its status as one of Italy’s most hated football clubs.

Their distinct fan base makes Hellas Verona stand out among other Italian teams. The supporters are known for their passionate and intense loyalty toward their team – but unfortunately, this passion can sometimes spill over into unsavory incidents.

Over the years, there have been numerous reports of racism and violent behavior from some sections of the Hellas Verona fanbase.

It has led to negative associations with the club and consequent animosity from rival teams and neutral football lovers.

Another aspect that fuels hatred towards Hellas Verona is their long-standing rivalry with Chievo Verona – another football club based in the same city.

This local derby match between them is called ‘Derby della Scala’ after the famous Scaligeri family who ruled Verona during medieval times.

The intensity between these two clubs goes beyond just competition on the pitch; it also involves deep-seated cultural differences between both sets of supporters, making it one of Italy’s fiercest derbies.

So why would you want to explore this seemingly dark underbelly of Italian football? Well, amidst all these controversies lies an opportunity for you to break free.

From conformity and embrace something different – an adventure into a unique subculture within Italian sports fandom.

By learning more about Hellas Verona and understanding what drives its fan base despite all odds against them.

You give yourself permission to go beyond traditional narratives and discover new perspectives. After all, isn’t that what freedom’s truly about?


So, there you have it – Italy’s top 7 most hated football clubs. Rivalries and animosities constantly evolve, often fueled by on-field performances, controversial incidents, or historical events.

Interestingly, a recent study showed that about 29% of Italian football fans consider Juventus their most disliked team.

Keep this in mind next time you’re watching a Serie A match, and remember that passion runs deep when it comes to Italian football!

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