Top 10 Best Long-Range Shooters In MLS (Of All Time)

The beauty of long-range shooting in soccer is comparable to an artist perfecting his craft. It’s a spectacle that combines accuracy and strength, and only a select few have truly mastered it.

Let’s pay homage to those who have left us spellbound with their daring long-distance strikes in Major League Soccer. These aren’t merely players; they are wizards who’ve transformed the field into their private stage, creating remarkable works of art with each kick of the ball.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimović – The BEST Long-Range Shooter Of ALL TIME

Discussing long-range shooters in MLS and skipping Zlatan Ibrahimović’s name is impossible. His striking goals from afar have had a significant impact on the league, securing his place among the elite.

His knack for finding the net from virtually any angle or distance is nothing short of impressive. His precision paired with his power makes him a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Now at 39, he continues to impress with his goal-scoring abilities for AC Milan.

During his time with LA Galaxy, MLS got to witness some of his most remarkable long-range shots. Ibrahimović’s goals were not just stunning; they were pivotal moments that showcased his extraordinary skill and etched his name in the annals of American soccer.

2. David Beckham

David Beckham is often celebrated for his remarkable skills in making free-kicks. Yet, it’s his knack for long-range shots that ranks him among the top tier of MLS’s shooters.

During his tenure with LA Galaxy from 2007-2012, Beckham continually stunned spectators with his outstanding strikes from outside the box.

A combination of foresight and technical brilliance allowed Beckham to exploit gaps unseen by others. His finesse with the ball guaranteed accuracy in execution.

Beckham was not about mere power; precision was his game too. His shots were not unchecked swings but measured, laser-focused assaults on the goal.

Beckham’s influence on the MLS was significant; he transformed it into a global spectacle and boosted its standard of play. His reputation as one of the finest long-range shooters is well-earned and indisputable.

3. Chris Wondolowski

Chris Wondolowski, known for his consistent scoring record, stands tall amongst the ranks of American soccer players.

Known for his ability to net goals and his expertise in long-range shots, his precision and power have left many goalkeepers stranded, watching the ball sail past them.

Wondolowski’s talent is innate, but it’s his tireless work ethic that distinguishes him from the rest. His commitment to constantly refine his skills and improve his game is clear every time he steps onto the pitch.

Despite debates on the quality of MLS defenses or the absence of top-tier competition, Wondolowski’s influence on domestic soccer is indisputable.

His consistent performance in front of goal sets a high standard for aspiring American strikers dreaming of success in MLS and further afield.

4. Landon Donovan

Changing the subject, let’s talk about another titan of American soccer: Landon Donovan. His career, filled with remarkable highlights, mirrors his talent. Known as a versatile player, Donovan’s technique and football intelligence set him apart.

During his tenure in MLS, Donovan was a consistent threat from long distances. His perfect positioning allowed him to seize opportunities created by defensive errors, launching accurate strikes from far off.

His propensity for netting extraordinary goals brought him fame beyond the league’s boundaries. Donovan didn’t rely solely on power; he beautifully blended it with precision that frequently left goalkeepers with no chance.

His keen insight on the pitch also made him a significant source of assists. This rich tapestry of skills firmly establishes Donovan as one of the most remarkable long-range shooters in MLS history.

5. Thierry Henry

You may already recognize Thierry Henry as a global soccer luminary, but are you familiar with his significant contribution to American soccer?

Henry made a noticeable impact while playing for the New York Red Bulls, demonstrating not only exceptional long-range goal skills, but also a remarkable aptitude for game analysis.

Thierry Henry
Teams Played ForAS Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, New York Red Bulls
MLS Career Goals52
Notable AchievementsMLS Best XI (2011 & 2012), MLS All-Star (2011-14)

Henry’s prowess went beyond scoring goals; he was also a playmaker. His unique vision and superior passing abilities distinguished him from other players of his time.

Whether it was an accurate cross or a through ball that shattered defenses, Henry had all these skills at his disposal. He is a true luminary in soccer who has made a lasting impression on the MLS.

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6. Carlos Vela

Let’s now turn our attention to Carlos Vela, a talented soccer player who has made a significant impact in the sport through his exceptional skills. Vela’s accuracy on long-distance shots and his knack for curving the ball into the corners is nothing less than mind-blowing.

Highlighting Vela’s Career:
Vela’s stint with Los Angeles FC has been particularly memorable, where he has not only carved a niche for himself as a stellar forward but also broken goal-scoring records.

During his tenure at Real Sociedad, he showcased his striking ability from a distance.

Vela’s impact on the game goes beyond individual talent; he is known for his team-oriented approach that enhances the performance of his colleagues.

His play-style is a representation of liberty on the pitch, as he continuously seeks open areas and makes smart runs.

His consistent performance is a testament to his skills and dedication to soccer.

7. Clint Dempsey

Let’s glance at the impressive career of Clint Dempsey, a soccer player who has significantly impacted the sport with his exceptional skills and contributions.

His talent for long-range shooting was nothing less than breathtaking. Dempsey had a unique knack for hitting the goal from distances that would deter other players.

His approach was not just about power; it involved precision, timing, and pure talent. His shots were not mere haphazard attempts, but well-thought-out risks, carried out with an accuracy that was almost surreal.

At his peak with Seattle Sounders FC, he demonstrated this skill repeatedly, earning a reputation as one of the MLS’s greatest long-range shooters.

As an icon of American soccer, Dempsey has carved out a legacy that freedom-loving fans will remember for years to come.

8. Andrea Pirlo

In the realm of soccer, Clint Dempsey is indeed an exceptional player, but another name that has made an everlasting impression on MLS is Andrea Pirlo.

As a midfield maestro, he is celebrated for his striking skills from a distance. His time with New York City FC was truly a spectacle to behold.

  • Renowned for his accurate ball distribution and remarkable vision, Pirlo had the ability to control a match like no other.
  • His tenure at NYCFC was a testament to his extraordinary abilities.
  • Significant Achievements
  • His memorable long-range goals added an electrifying element to the game, thrilling spectators.
  • His invaluable contributions played a crucial role in transforming NYCFC into a strong and competitive team.

Pirlo’s delicate skills and power blended perfectly to create moments of pure magic, solidifying his place in MLS history. He is a perfect representation of the essence of soccer, a game where skill and creativity take center stage.

9. Diego Valeri

Turning our focus to Diego Valeri, it’s clear he’s a phenomenal force within soccer. This Argentine maestro, known for his impressive long-range strikes, has carved out a noteworthy position in the history of Major League Soccer (MLS).

As a player for the Portland Timbers since 2013, Valeri’s control over the ball is unquestionable. His accuracy from afar isn’t a fluke, but the result of countless hours perfecting his skills.

One striking instance of his talent was his jaw-dropping goal against Colorado Rapids in 2018 – a powerful strike from almost 30 yards out which left both spectators and players speechless.

But his skills go beyond raw power; they extend to precision too. Valeri has both these assets in abundance.

He exemplifies the joy every soccer fan craves: witnessing skills that exceed all presumptions.

10. Cuauhtémoc Blanco

We’re now focusing on the captivating figure of Cuauhtémoc Blanco, an iconic Mexican soccer player. His exceptional skills and vibrant charisma have left a deep imprint on the sport.

His ability to shoot from long distances was extraordinary, often leaving onlookers and rivals in awe.

Let’s look at some notable moments from Blanco’s career:

  • He played for the Chicago Fire from 2007 to 2009, netting 16 goals.
  • He was known for his ‘Blanco Bounce’, a unique maneuver where he would leap with the ball clenched between his feet to dodge opponents.

His influence on Major League Soccer (MLS) was significant:

  • His popularity in Mexico drew substantial attention to the MLS.
  • He was honored as an All-Star three years in a row from 2007 to 2009.

Blanco’s impact goes beyond his soccer career as he currently serves in Mexican politics, demonstrating that extraordinary talent can flourish in various fields. His legacy as one of the most influential players in MLS history will always be remembered.


The chronicles of MLS are adorned with the names of these ten players. They’ve swerved the ball like Beckham, wowed the crowds like Donovan, and netted the ball with impressive finesse akin to Zlatan.

From the awe-inspiring goals of Wondolowski to the pinpoint precision of Pirlo, their long-range strikes have been a sight to behold. These midfield maestros and striking stalwarts have left a lasting legacy in the league, echoing long after their impressive careers.

They truly represent the pinnacle of long-distance shooting in the game.

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