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From the roar of the crowd to the thrill of the game, Birmingham City has been home to legends that have shaped football history. But who stands at the pinnacle of greatness?

The debate rages on, and the answers may surprise you. In the heart of the city where football pulses through the streets, we’ve compiled a list that celebrates the very best. Who made the cut? The answers lie ahead.

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1. Gil Merrick

 Birmingham City Players

You’ll love Gil Merrick; he’s the goalkeeper who kept Birmingham City in the top division for years with his incredible saves and heroic performances. He played for the club from 1939 to 1960, making 551 appearances.

During that time, he won two FA Cup trophies and helped the team finish as runners-up in the First Division. Merrick was known for his quick reflexes, excellent positioning, and commanding presence on the field.

He was also a great leader and captained Birmingham City during their successful FA Cup campaigns in 1951 and 1954.

His performance in the final of the latter tournament against West Bromwich Albion is still remembered as one of the most incredible displays by a goalkeeper in cup history.

With Merrick between the posts, Birmingham City fans could always expect to see some breathtaking saves and unforgettable moments on the pitch.

2. Trevor Francis

Greatest Birmingham City Players

It’s rumored that Trevor Francis was the first million-pound footballer in the world, making history for himself and Birmingham City.

The forward started his career with the Blues in 1970 and quickly became a fan favorite with his impressive skills on the pitch. He helped Birmingham City win the League Cup in 1972, scoring in both legs of their final match against Norwich City.

Aside from his success with Birmingham City, Francis also had a successful career playing for Nottingham Forest and Manchester City. He won two European Cups and a league title with Nottingham Forest under manager Brian Clough.

Despite leaving Birmingham City early in his career, Francis will always be remembered as one of their greatest players due to his impact on the club during his time there.

3. Joe Bradford

 Greatest Birmingham City Players

Joe Bradford, a prolific goal scorer for Birmingham City in the 1920s, overcame significant obstacles to achieve his success on the pitch. Born in rural Shropshire in 1901, Bradford was one of seven children and began working as a coal miner at fourteen.

Despite this challenging background, he showed an early talent for football and joined Wolverhampton Wanderers before moving to Birmingham City in 1920.

At Birmingham City, Bradford quickly established himself as one of the most deadly strikers in the country. In his first season with the club, he scored an incredible 32 goals in just 42 games, helping them win promotion to the First Division.

Over the next decade, he quickly found the back of the net and is still regarded as one of Birmingham’s greatest-ever players. Here is a table outlining some of his key statistics:

Goals per game ratio for Birmingham City0.7
Total goals scored for Birmingham City267
Most goals scored by a player in a single season (49/50)24
Career appearances for Birmingham City445
Honors won with Birmingham CitySecond Division (1920/21), FA Cup runners-up (1931)

Despite suffering from tuberculosis during his career and taking breaks from playing to recover, Bradford remained committed to his craft. He continued scoring goals until he retired from professional football at age thirty-eight.

His legacy at Birmingham City lives on today, and he remains an inspiration for anyone looking to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

4. Bob Latchford

Greatest Birmingham City Players

After overcoming injuries and a difficult start at Everton, Bob Latchford became a prolific goal scorer for the club in the 1970s. However, it was his move to Birmingham City that truly cemented his status as one of the greatest players in the club’s history.

During his time at Birmingham, Latchford scored an impressive 68 goals in just 132 appearances. He was known for his strength and aerial ability, which made him a formidable opponent for defenders. He also had a keen eye for goal and could score from anywhere on the pitch.

His performances helped Birmingham reach two significant finals there: the League Cup final in 1981 and the FA Cup final in 1976. Although they lost both matches. Latchford’s contribution to the team remains unforgettable, making him one of Birmingham City’s most beloved legends.

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5. Frank Womack

Greatest Birmingham City Players

In the early 1900s, Frank Womack was a talented midfielder for Birmingham. After joining the team in 1893, he soon rose to prominence.

At Birmingham, he helped them win the Second Division championship twice and reached the FA Cup’s final. Womack was known for his impeccable passing ability and impressive work rate on and off the ball.

He was also a tough tackler, never shying away from a challenge on the pitch. His contributions to Birmingham were invaluable, making him one of their greatest-ever players.

Despite playing over a century ago, Womack’s impact on Birmingham City still resonates with fans today.

6. Ken Green

Wow, you won’t believe how incredible Ken Green was as a midfielder for Birmingham back in the day!. He joined the club in 1955 and made over 400 appearances over the next decade. Green was known for his tenacity and skill on the ball. And he quickly became a fan favorite at St Andrew’s.

Green’s impressive performances helped Birmingham achieve their first promotion to the top flight in 1956. And he played a crucial role in keeping them there for several seasons.

His ability to create chances from midfield was unmatched. And his work rate, both on and off the ball, made him an invaluable asset to the team. Here is a table showcasing some of Ken Green’s stats during his time at Birmingham City:

Yellow cardsN/A
Red cardsN/A

As you can see, Green was not just a hardworking midfielder but also an effective one. His contributions were essential to Birmingham’s success at the club, cementing his place among their most outstanding players of all time.

7. Maik Taylor

Greatest Birmingham City Players

If you’re a fan of Birmingham, you’ll remember Maik Taylor as the goalkeeper who played over 150 games for the club in the early 2000s.

The Northern Irishman was signed from Fulham in 2003 and quickly became a fan favorite due to his impressive performances between the sticks. Taylor’s time at Birmingham was marked by some memorable moments.

He helped Birmingham reach the final of the League Cup in 2011, although they ultimately lost to Arsenal on that occasion. Additionally, he made a penalty save against Arsenal in the League Cup quarterfinals in 2004.

Taylor’s reliability and consistency made him one of Birmingham’s most important players at St Andrew’s.

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8. Christophe Dugarry

Greatest Birmingham City Players

Even though Christophe Dugarry only spent part of the 2002–03 season with Birmingham City, his contributions to the club’s success that year must be considered.

With his speed, agility, and goal-scoring skills, the French forward made an immediate impact after joining the squad on loan from Bordeaux in January 2003.

In just 15 appearances for the club, Dugarry scored five goals and helped Birmingham secure their Premier League status for another season. It is hard not to feel inspired by Dugarry’s determination to succeed at Birmingham despite only being there briefly.

His quick adaptation to the English game showcased his immense talent and versatility as a striker. Despite having already won numerous accolades in his career, including a World Cup with France, Dugarry remained humble and focused on helping the team achieve their goals.

His leadership, both on and off the field, was crucial in motivating his teammates to give their best effort every match.

While Christophe Dugarry may have only been at Birmingham City for a few months, his impact on the team was undeniable. He provided them with much-needed offensive firepower during a critical stretch of games, ultimately leading to their survival in the top flight of English football.

His legacy as one of Birmingham City’s most outstanding players will always be remembered by fans who appreciate his exceptional contributions during such a critical time in the club’s history.

9. Paul Tait

 Greatest Birmingham City Players

You can’t help but admire Paul Tait’s dedication to the sport and his team throughout his time at Birmingham City. Tait played for the club from 1988-2003, making over 400 appearances and scoring 93 goals.

He was a key player during Birmingham’s promotion season in 1994/95, scoring vital goals that helped secure their place in the Premier League.

Tait was a two-way player who could play up front or in the middle. His dedication to the squad and hard effort made him a fan favorite. Twice (in 1992–93 and 1997–98), he was named Birmingham City’s Player of the Year.

Even after leaving Birmingham City, Tait played football for several other lower-league clubs until retiring in 2010. His legacy at Birmingham City lives on as one of their most dedicated players in history.

AppearancesOver 400
Goals Scored93
Position(s) PlayedStriker/Midfielder
Awards WonPlayer of the Year (x2)

The table above highlights Paul Tait’s impressive stats at Birmingham City. He significantly impacted the team with his goal-scoring ability and versatility on the pitch.

Beyond just statistics, it is essential to recognize Tait’s dedication to representing Birmingham City with pride and commitment throughout his career. He truly embodies what it means to be a legend for this club.

10. Stephen Carr

Greatest Birmingham City Players

Take a moment to appreciate Stephen Carr’s contributions to Birmingham City as a player. The former right-back joined the Blues in 2009 and made over 100 appearances. Here are some of the reasons why he is regarded as one of Birmingham City’s greatest players:

  • He was named Player of the Season in his debut year, proving himself an instant asset to the team.
  • Carr played a crucial role in helping Birmingham City win their first major trophy in almost 50 years when they lifted the League Cup in 2011.
  • His leadership skills were invaluable on and off the pitch, earning him the captaincy during his later years at St Andrew’s.
  • Carr’s professionalism and dedication to his craft made him a fan favorite among Blues supporters, who appreciated his consistent performances week after week.

Overall, Stephen Carr left an indelible mark on Birmingham City during his time at the club. His contributions on and off the pitch helped elevate them to new heights, cementing his legacy as one of their all-time greats.


The legacy of the Greatest Birmingham City Players of All Time, fondly known as Birmingham City Legends, will forever be etched into the rich history of the club and cherished by its passionate fanbase.

These remarkable athletes not only showcased exceptional skill and talent on the pitch but also embodied the true spirit and essence of Birmingham City Football Club.

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