Top 10 Best Newcastle Players Of All Time – Newcastle Legends

If you’re a steadfast supporter of Newcastle United, you’ve been through the good and bad times. However, one thing has been the same: the club has always had its share of legendary players.

Now it’s time to dive deep into the stories behind these footballing icons that have graced St James’ Park, captivated your heart, and fueled your passion for the beautiful game.

Picture yourself in a packed stadium, surrounded by fellow fans chanting and singing their hearts out as they cheer on their beloved Magpies.

Imagine witnessing some of the most jaw-dropping moments in football history unfold before your eyes – those magical instances when players seem to defy gravity or bend time and space.

It is what following Newcastle United means to you; it’s about more than just supporting a team – it’s about embracing a way of life that celebrates freedom, camaraderie, and sheer unadulterated joy.

So come with us as we relive some unforgettable memories while paying tribute to ten of the greatest Newcastle legends ever to grace the pitch at St James’ Park.

1. Alan Shearer

Newcastle Legends

You can’t help but picture Alan Shearer’s iconic one-arm-raised celebration as he dominated the field and became Newcastle’s all-time leading goal scorer.

There was an air of invincibility about him as he donned the black and white stripes, taking on defenders with ease and finding the back of the net in an almost effortless way.

At times, it felt like watching a man among boys – Shearer had this uncanny ability to shift gears when needed and leave opponents trailing in his wake.

He wasn’t just a goal machine; he was an embodiment of freedom on the field, with every powerful strike representing a break from mediocrity.

As you delve deeper into his career, you begin to appreciate his footballing prowess and his unwavering commitment to the club.

In an era when loyalty is often hard to come by, Shearer’s dedication to Newcastle United speaks volumes about his character.

Despite attracting interest from top European clubs during his prime years, Shearer chose to stay true to his roots and remain at St. James’ Park for ten incredible seasons.

It’s this passion for both the game and his beloved club that resonates with fans even today – serving as a reminder that some things are worth more than trophies or accolades; they’re about playing for pride, love of the game, and ultimately finding freedom in staying true to oneself.

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2. Peter Beardsley

Newcastle Legends

It’s hard not to admire Peter Beardsley. He scored a remarkable 119 goals in 326 appearances for the Magpies, making him an all-time fan favorite.

Apart from his impressive scoring record, Beardsley was known for his creative playmaking ability and exceptional vision on the field.

His unique style of dribbling left defenders bewildered, and his partnership with fellow Newcastle legend Alan Shearer remains one of the most memorable in English football history.

Four aspects of Peter Beardsley’s career stand out. First, Beardsley was never afraid to take risks on the field, often attempting audacious passes or skillful dribbles to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Second, he spent two spells at (1983-1991; 1993-1997) and always gave his all for the club, contributing immensely during their promotion-winning season in 1992-93.

Third, despite being primarily an attacking midfielder or forward, managers occasionally deployed Beardsley on the wings due to his pace and crossing ability – showcasing his adaptability as a player.

Fourth, after retiring from professional football, Peter continued to stay involved with Newcastle United as a coach for various youth levels, sharing his knowledge and experience with future generations of players.

Through these four aspects of Peter Beardsley’s career at Newcastle United, it becomes clear why he is so highly regarded among fans and considered one of the top ten most significant players in club history.

His fearless creativity resonated deeply with supporters who longed for freedom on and off the pitch, portraying a fearlessness that inspired many around him.

This spirit makes Peter Beardsley an unmistakable symbol of what it means to be a true Newcastle United legend.

3. Jackie Milburn

Newcastle Legends

Jackie Milburn’s astounding goal-scoring prowess and lightning-fast pace etched his name in the hearts of the Magpies as he dazzled spectators with his relentless determination and finesse on the pitch.

The legendary forward left an indelible mark on Newcastle United’s history, not only by netting 200 goals in 397 appearances – a record that stood for nearly half a century – but also by embodying the spirit of freedom and passion that fans hold dear.

With every surge down the field, every deft touch to control a pass or evade a defender, Milburn seemed to set alight that innate desire for liberty within both himself and those who watched him play.

As you immerse yourself in his story, you’ll appreciate how Jackie Milburn came from humble beginnings before becoming one of Newcastle’s greatest-ever players.

Born in Ashington – a small mining town in Northumberland – Milburn grew up playing football on ash-strewn streets and open fields with other working-class kids.

Despite facing daunting odds against achieving success as a professional footballer, he never wavered from pursuing his dream.

Through hard work and sheer talent, he rose through the ranks at Newcastle United to become an integral part of their trophy-winning teams in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

To this day, Milburn remains an inspiration for generations of fans seeking emancipation from life’s limitations through their love of football; his legacy lives on as proof that sometimes dreams come true.

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4. Kevin Keegan

Newcastle Legends

A tribute to Keegan’s innate flare on the pitch, he lived in a world where modesty was overrated and easily as breathing. Kevin Keegan is a living legend at Newcastle United because of his impact as a player and manager.

As a player, he was a goal machine who terrorized defenses with his pace, power, and precision. As a manager, he transformed Newcastle from an average team into one of the most exciting sides in England.

Under Kevin Keegan’s management from 1992-1997, Newcastle saw unprecedented success. He led them to two consecutive top-three finishes in the Premier League and earned them qualification for European competitions.

Known as ‘The Entertainers,’ Keegan’s side played with freedom and flair that won the hearts of fans everywhere.

With players like David Ginola, Peter Beardsley, Les Ferdinand, and Faustino Asprilla at their disposal, this team took English football by storm.

One can always remember Keegan’s famous ‘I’d love it’ rant during the 1995-96 season when they were battling Manchester United for the title.

Though Newcastle ultimately came up short that year, finishing second place, it demonstrated his passion and ambition for the club.

Kevin Keegan, one of Newcastle United’s greatest icons, dreamed enormously and provided joy to millions through his daring play.

His relentless pursuit of success gave fans a little taste of the freedom that comes with striving for greatness.

5. Bobby Moncur

Newcastle Legends

You can only discuss iconic figures in football by mentioning Bobby Moncur, a true leader who captained club and country with pride, painting a vivid picture of determination and commitment on the pitch.

Born in Perth, Scotland, Moncur joined Newcastle United in 1962 and had an illustrious career spanning 15 years at St James’ Park.

With over 300 appearances for the Magpies, he was known for his unwavering work ethic and exceptional ability to read the game.

His fearless approach to defending won him numerous accolades, including being named one of Newcastle’s greatest-ever captains.

Bobby Moncur’s most memorable moment came during the 1968-69 season when he led Newcastle United to their last major trophy – the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (the predecessor of the UEFA Cup).

Incredibly enough, during this competition, Moncur also netted his first goals for the club – three vital strikes across both legs of the final against Hungary’s Ujpesti Dózsa.

This unforgettable performance earned him legendary status among fans and fellow players alike.

Off the field, Moncur was just as influential; his dedication to charity work further solidified his status as not only one of football’s greats but also a genuinely benevolent individual.

When you think about what it means to be free-spirited and unrelenting in your pursuit of success despite adversities faced along the way, Bobby Moncur is undoubtedly a shining example worth admiring and emulating.

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6. Shay Given

Newcastle Legends

It’s impossible not to admire Shay Given, a true force between the posts and an undeniable fan favorite during his time with the Magpies.

Hailing from Ireland, this goalkeeper had a penchant for making seemingly impossible saves that left fans’ hearts pounding and opponents shaking their heads in disbelief.

His unwavering dedication to Newcastle United was evident both on and off the field, as he racked up over 450 appearances for the club and constantly showed love and gratitude towards its supporters.

Given’s fearless presence in goal consistently gave his teammates a sense of security and freedom to push forward without fear of conceding goals.

Time after time, Shay would pull off jaw-dropping saves that defied logic, leaving opposing strikers wondering what they needed to do to beat him.

With each save, it felt like Given was fueling our desire for freedom; by keeping we had no right to be in, he gave us hope – that anything was possible if we dared to dream big enough.

And while his departure from Newcastle United may have been heartbreaking at the time, there is no doubt that Shay Given will forever remain one of our top 10 greatest legends.

7. Hughie Gallacher

Newcastle Legends

Hughie Gallacher’s presence on the pitch was like a lightning bolt, electrifying fans and striking fear into the hearts of opponents with his unmatched goal-scoring prowess.

Standing at just 5 feet 5 inches tall, this Scottish striker may not have had an imposing physical presence, but he made up for it with his remarkable skill, agility, and hunger for goals.

During his time at Newcastle United from 1925 to 1930, Gallacher scored a staggering 143 goals in just 174 appearances – a record that cements his place as one of the greatest strikers ever to don the black and white stripes.

As you delve deeper into Gallacher’s story, you’ll uncover tales of triumphs and tragedies intrinsically woven into Newcastle United’s history.

The crowning moment in his career came in the 1926-27 season when he captained Newcastle to their first-ever league title by scoring an astonishing 36 goals in just 38 games.

This incredible achievement elevated him to legendary status among the Toon Army faithful, who would forever remember him as one of their own.

Tragically, however, Hughie Gallacher’s life off the pitch wasn’t quite as dazzling as his exploits on it; after retiring from football, he struggled with depression and ultimately took his own life in 1957.

Despite these heartbreaking circumstances surrounding his passing, there is no denying that Hughie Gallacher will always be one of Newcastle United’s most iconic players – a true legend whose spirit inspires fans longing for those glory days once more.

8. Paul Gascoigne

Newcastle Legends

When discussing unforgettable footballers who have donned the black and white stripes, there’s no way to overlook Paul Gascoigne, a supremely talented midfielder whose on-field brilliance and off-field antics captivated fans worldwide.

Born in Gateshead in 1967, Gazza joined Newcastle United at a young age and quickly rose to make his first team debut in 1985.

His extraordinary ability to dribble, pass, and shoot with such precision and power immediately put his opponents on their heels.

Gascoigne’s time at Newcastle may have been brief – he left for Tottenham Hotspur in 1988 – but his impact on Tyneside was immense.

In just over three seasons with the Magpies, Gazza scored 25 goals in all competitions and earned numerous accolades for his performances.

Below is an overview of some key moments during Paul Gascoigne’s time at Newcastle:

Event Date Description
First Team Debut April 13th, 1985 Coming on as a substitute against QPR
First Goal September 21st, 1985 Scoring against Oxford United
PFA Young Player of the Year Award April 26th, 1987 Recognizing his outstanding season with Newcastle
Record Transfer Fee Paid by Spurs July 6th, 1988 £2 million transfer fee secured Gascoigne’s move away from St James’ Park

Gascoigne’s departure marked the end of an era for many Newcastle fans who had grown attached to their local hero.

Still remembered fondly today as one of the club’s all-time greats, Paul Gascoigne remains a symbol of unbridled creativity and freedom on the football pitch, inspiring generations of aspiring players.

9. Rob Lee

Newcastle Legends

Another unforgettable player who’s left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans is Rob Lee, a dynamic midfielder whose contributions to the team’s success can’t.

Bursting onto the scene in 1992, Lee quickly became a fan favorite with his tireless work rate and ability to score crucial goals for Newcastle United.

His dedication and passion for the game were evident in every match he played, making him one of those rare players who could inspire an entire stadium to rally behind their team.

During his decade-long tenure at St James’ Park, Lee made over 300 appearances, netting over 50 goals and playing a pivotal role in Newcastle’s rise as title contenders under Kevin Keegan’s management.

Despite facing fierce competition from other Premier League greats like Eric Cantona and Alan Shearer.

Lee consistently proved himself as one of the finest midfielders of his generation – even captaining The Magpies during some of their most memorable European adventures.

As you reminisce about Rob Lee’s incredible career, it becomes clear that his impact on Newcastle United is legendary, not just through his impressive statistics but also through the sense of freedom and excitement he brought to countless fans.

10. Andy Cole

Newcastle Legends

After reminiscing about the incredible talent of Rob Lee, it’s impossible not to mention another Newcastle United legend who took the Premier League by storm – Andy Cole.

As a true fan, you’ll remember how Cole made an unforgettable impact on the team and English football during his time at St James’ Park.

Andy Cole joined Newcastle in 1993, and within just two seasons, he etched his name into the annals of club history.

His incredible goal-scoring ability and lightning-fast pace struck fear into the hearts of opponents, making him one of the most feared strikers in England.

The partnership he formed with Peter Beardsley was nothing short of magical – together, they terrorized defenses and helped propel Newcastle back into top-flight football after years in the wilderness.

Some key moments from Andy Cole’s time at Newcastle include:

  • Scoring 12 goals in just as many games during his first season with the club.
  • In 1994, the league winner with an incredible 34 goals earned the Golden Boot.
  • Being instrumental in helping Newcastle secure promotion back to the Premier League.
  • Netting a record-breaking total of 41 goals across all competitions during the 1993/94 season.

As you revel in these memories of Andy Cole’s tenure at Newcastle United, you can’t help but feel that sense of freedom that comes with knowing your team has such legends gracing its pitch.

Players like him make our love for football so strong – giving us moments to cherish and stories to tell for generations to come.


You’ll surely agree these legends have left an indelible mark on Newcastle’s rich football history. But who do you think deserves the top spot? The anticipation is palpable as fans passionately debate and reminisce about each player’s incredible contributions.

As you ponder your choice, remember that it’s not just about goals scored, or titles won; it’s about the lasting impact these players had on their team and the generations to come.

So, who will be your pick for Newcastle’s ultimate legend.

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