Top 15 Best Young Strikers In The World Right Now

Are you aware that 60% of the current top goal scorers are under the age of 25?

We’re about to present a list of the top 15 best young strikers on the planet at this very moment.

These young prodigies are not just creating ripples, they’re completely inundating the field with skill!

So, tighten your boots and brace yourself for an exciting journey as we evaluate their performances and reasons why they are currently the talk in the football sphere.

1. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is a name you’ve likely come across, as he is deemed one of the top young forwards at present.

Born in Leeds but brought up in Norway, this young star started his club career at Bryne’s academy and then left a significant imprint at Molde and Red Bull Salzburg.

Recall his first hat-trick for Salzburg? That was just a taste of the future.

At Borussia Dortmund, Haaland’s career took off. He scored three goals in his first Bundesliga game, set a record as the quickest player to reach 15 Champions League goals, and completed the season with a notable 44 goals in 40 games.

Now, he’s breaking records at Manchester City – currently the leading scorer with 40 goals in all contests.

Keep a close watch – Haaland has much more in store!

2. Youssoufa Moukoko

Let’s take a closer look at the impressive career of Youssoufa Moukoko, a rising star who’s been making waves and setting new records in German football.

His journey began at FC St. Pauli U13, from where he quickly transitioned to Borussia Dortmund’s youth academy, breaking age-related records with ease.

He etched his name in history books as the youngest player ever in Bundesliga and UEFA Youth League.

At the tender age of 16, he was given the opportunity to play in Bundesliga, becoming its youngest debutant and goalscorer.

His talent for being at the right place at the right time saw him score an impressive ten league goals, making him the youngest player to reach this significant milestone.

On the international front, he’s represented Germany across various age groups, leaving his mark each time while also earning a call-up for the national team for World Cup 2022.

3. Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak emerged as a prodigy at just 16 years old, playing for AIK. His exceptional skills and potential were highlighted when he set a record as the youngest player to score a goal in AIK’s history.

This achievement caught the attention of Borussia Dortmund, who quickly offered him a contract.

Upon his transfer, Isak kept up his remarkable performance. He made history once again as Dortmund’s youngest player to score in a competitive match. Following successful loan periods, he truly excelled at Real Sociedad, where his decisive goals contributed to the team’s Copa del Rey victory.

Isak is currently showcasing his skills for Sweden on the international stage. He is also making a positive impact at Newcastle United.

4. Jonathan David

Jonathan David is recognized for his remarkable scoring potential and adaptability on the field. Excelling in both international and club soccer, he has effectively built a strong reputation.

As a flexible forward, he exhibits his skills as either a secondary striker or an attacking midfielder. His strategic movements when not in possession of the ball, along with his ability to score using both feet, are distinctive aspects of his game.

His technical skills, speed, agility, and ability to create goal-scoring chances are sure to leave you in awe.

Particularly potent during counterattacks due to his swift pace and tactical acumen, David never hesitates to contribute defensively.

Holding the record for the highest number of goals scored in a single year in senior international matches for Canada, it’s evident why David ranks among the top 15 promising young strikers today.

5. Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen’s football journey is a clear reflection of his tenacity and significant talent. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, his football journey ignited at the Ultimate Strikers Academy. He then clinched a deal with VfL Wolfsburg before making a move to Lille.

Napoli’s management noticed his exceptional talent and he was signed for a club-record fee. At Napoli, Osimhen continued to exhibit remarkable skill and determination.

He faced obstacles such as injuries and COVID-19, but his brilliance on the field remained undimmed. His first Serie A hat-trick was a landmark achievement, and he became Nigeria’s top goal scorer in the Italian Serie A.

Osimhen’s accomplishments are not limited to club football. His international career is just as impressive, reflecting his club success.

He clinched the FIFA U-17 World Cup with the Nigerian under-17 squad. His debut with the senior team was equally impactful, marked by impressive performances despite minimal playtime.

Victor Osimhen’s name is a constant when discussing the best young attacking talents across the globe.

6. Goncalo Ramos

Climbing the ranks of Benfica’s youth academy, Gonçalo Ramos has proven himself a vital asset to his team and the Portugal national squad.

Known for his swift acceleration, accurate footwork, and deadly scoring abilities, he is recognized as one of the most promising young forwards in football today.

His journey from his first appearance with Benfica B in 2019 to claiming the league title with the main squad in 2023 shows that Ramos is not just a fleeting sensation.

His performance on the international stage is just as impressive as his club performances; he has represented Portugal at various tournaments and made it to the finals.

Currently on loan at Paris Saint-Germain, he’s prepared to maintain his meteoric rise. Keep your eyes peeled for Ramos; he’s a rising star.

7. Darwin Núñez

Darwin Núñez, the Uruguayan footballer, has made waves as a powerful striker for both Liverpool and the Uruguay national team.

His journey from the humble starting point at Peñarol’s youth academy to the global stage is inspiring. He has advanced rapidly through the ranks, turning heads with his striking abilities.

Here is a quick overview of his journey to fame:

Early Career:

  • Graduated from Peñarol’s youth academy to the first team in 2017.
  • Moved to Almería in Spain in 2019, setting a new club record fee.

Recent Successes:

  • Joined Benfica in 2020, setting a record of the priciest signing in Portuguese football history.
  • Joined Liverpool in 2022 after receiving the Primeira Liga Player of the Year award.

As he now plays for both Liverpool and Uruguay on international stages, we can expect exciting performances from this rising star.

8. Ansu Fati

Switching topics, let’s examine the career of Ansu Fati, who has attracted considerable attention at Barcelona despite his tender age.

Originally from Guinea-Bissau, he relocated to Spain at an early age and rapidly rose to prominence in Barcelona’s La Masia academy.

Early LifeClub CareerInternational Career
Relocated to Seville at six years old.Became a member of Barcelona’s junior team in 2012.Chose to play for Spain over Guinea-Bissau.
His father and two brothers also play football.Earned the title of Barcelona’s youngest goal scorer ever.Received Spanish citizenship in 2019.
His cousin plays professional football in Portugal.Signed his initial professional contract with Barcelona in 2019.Made his first international appearance for Spain in 2020.

Despite challenges such as injuries, Fati has demonstrated resilience and grit. He took over Lionel Messi’s number 10 shirt – a remarkable achievement! His abilities have won him recognition as one of the top young forwards today.

9. Vitor Roque

Let’s shift our attention from the remarkable Ansu Fati to a thrilling prospect originating from Brazil – Vitor Roque.

This young talent first created ripples at América Mineiros before entering into a youth contract with Cruzeiro in 2019. Fast forward to 2021, he signed his first professional contract with Cruzeiro and started to showcase his outstanding scoring abilities.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Netted 13 goals in a season divided between Cruzeiro and Athletico Paranaense.
  • Displayed impressive performances for Athletico Paranaense, including a remarkable double against Atlético Mineiro.

Roque’s performance did not go unnoticed by Barcelona, who secured his transfer in July 2023. He will be joining the Catalan giants for the 2024-25 season, marking the beginning of a new phase in his promising career.

Forthcoming Milestones:

  • His highly awaited Barcelona debut.
  • Possible development as part of the Brazil national team under the guidance of interim head coach Ramon Menezes.

Keep Roque on your radar; he has the potential to become one of football’s emerging stars!

10. Julián Álvarez

Our attention shifts to Julián Álvarez, the Argentine wonder creating ripples in international football. His assertive pressuring and dynamic scoring prowess distinguish him from other young athletes.

His ability to link-up in gameplay is impressive, demonstrating a skill for understanding the game that is mature beyond his years.

Álvarez started his football career at River Plate and later made a significant impact with Manchester City and the national team of Argentina. He played a key role in Argentina’s triumph in the 2022 World Cup, and his success didn’t stop there.

He also helped Manchester City secure three important continental victories in the same year – a record-breaking achievement.

This string of successes firmly positions Álvarez as a leading young striker on the global stage, certainly one to watch closely.

11. Kylian Mbappé

You likely know of Kylian Mbappé, the French forward who has made a significant impact in European football. His quickness, technical ability, and aptness for scoring have established him as a rising star in the sport.

Key Traits:

  • Speed: It’s a challenge to find a defender capable of matching Mbappé’s speed. He outpaces competitors with his rapid stride.
  • Goal Scoring: His knack for capitalizing on opportunities is unrivalled. Be it a simple tap-in or a powerful shot from distance, you can trust Mbappé to score.

After a period at AS Monaco, he transferred to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he’s now recognized as one of the most sought-after talents in football. His on-field displays consistently bring thrill and results, making him a phenomenal talent for any football fan to appreciate.

12. Dušan Vlahović

Turning our attention to Dušan Vlahović, his progression from Partizan’s youth system to Juventus is quite captivating.

This Serbian professional footballer, who made his first-team debut in 2016 after progressing through Partizan’s youth system, proved his worth by securing a league title and two Serbian Cups.

His spectacular performance didn’t go unnoticed and led to his signing by Italian club Fiorentina in 2018.

During his time with Fiorentina, he received the Serie A Best Young Player award for an astounding 21 league goals in the 2020–21 season.

2016PartizanLeague Title & Two Serbian Cups
2020-21FiorentinaSerie A Best Young Player
Jan 2022JuventusSigned for €70m

Maintaining a top-notch form in the first half of the 2021–22 season, Vlahović got signed by Juventus in January 2022 for a considerable €70 million.

13. Benjamin Šeško

Benjamin Šeško is a rising star in the football arena worth mentioning. At the tender age of 16, he transferred to Red Bull Salzburg from Domžale and spent some time with the reserve team, FC Liefering, making impressive progress.

Here are some key highlights of his career:

During his time at FC Liefering:

  • He netted an impressive 22 goals in just 44 matches.

Upon his return to RB Salzburg:

  • His debut with the first team happened in January 2021.
  • He played a significant role in securing three Austrian Bundesliga titles and one Austrian Cup.

As for his contribution to Slovenia, Šeško broke records by becoming the youngest ever player for the senior national team and also their youngest goalscorer.

When discussing young strikers making their mark on a global scale, Šeško’s name is certainly one that cannot be ignored.

14. Karim Adeyemi

We shift our focus now to Karim Adeyemi, a remarkable talent who has been creating a buzz in the football industry.

This young prodigy initiated his career at TSV Forstenried and subsequently moved on to Bayern München and SpVgg Unterhaching.

His journey to stardom commenced when he became a part of Red Bull Salzburg, rapidly establishing his reputation in the Champions League.

Adeyemi’s extraordinary abilities drew the attention of Borussia Dortmund, where he maintained his exceptional performances.

His memorable solo goal against Chelsea is set to remain in the minds of many for quite some time.

Red Bull SalzburgFirst Champions League goal
Borussia DortmundSolo goal against Chelsea

On the international front, Adeyemi has represented Germany at various levels but has yet to participate in a World Cup match.

Notwithstanding this impediment, given his innate talent and resolve, it’s certain that we’ll witness more of his presence on the international stage in the future.

15. Noah Okafor

We are now shifting our focus to Noah Okafor, a gifted footballer who has made significant strides both in his club career and internationally. H

is rise to prominence took place at FC Basel, where he displayed his goal-scoring abilities and greatly contributed to their win in the Swiss Cup.

His transfer to Red Bull Salzburg brought about a series of unforgettable moments, including a spectacular goal against AC Milan.

Club Journey:

  • FC Basel: Showed great promise and talent.
  • Red Bull Salzburg: Enhanced his reputation with strong performances.

Representing His Country:

  • Switzerland U-15 & U-17: His potential was evident from a young age.
  • Senior National Team: Became a crucial player for World Cup qualification.

His recent switch to AC Milan confirms his growing prominence in football. Okafor’s Nigerian-Swiss roots contribute to the richness of his game and character.

Keep watching this young forward’s continued progression!


We are currently witnessing a remarkable generation of young forwards. Their skills are mesmerizing, aren’t they?

From Haaland’s incisive accuracy to Moukoko’s explosive quickness, it’s no lucky break that these talents are making their mark on the international stage.

Isak, David, Osimhen – each one can change the dynamics of a game single-handedly. Let’s not overlook Vlahović, Šeško, Adeyemi, and Okafor.

This is not just about their impressive stats. It’s their unrivaled skill and unwavering determination that sets them apart.

Keep these young talents on your radar!

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