Top 10 Best Young Goalkeepers In The World (2024 List)

Goalkeepers: the unsung heroes of soccer, often scrutinized but rarely celebrated. Yet, as the game evolves, a new generation of young goalkeepers is rising, challenging the status quo.

These prodigies aren’t just shot-stoppers; they’re game-changers, mastering both gloves and feet. But who are these rising stars?

And how are they redefining the role of a goalkeeper? Get ready to meet the young talents who are not just guarding the net but also setting new standards in soccer.

1. Gianluigi Donnaruma – PSG (24)

Gianluigi Donnaruma may ring a bell. The 24-year-old is making quite a name for himself at PSG. This exciting Italian talent has quickly risen to be known as one of the top goalkeepers, showcasing impressive reflexes, calm under pressure, and a knack for understanding the game.

Don’t be misled by his young age; he has already proven his mettle in high-stakes games. Remember Euro 2020? It was Donnaruma’s exceptional performance that led Italy to victory, securing him the Best Player title.

Given his skills and attitude, it’s no wonder he’s seen as the rightful successor to Buffon. Keep an eye on this young talent; he’s not just a future star, but a present force to be reckoned with.

2. Gavin Bazunu – Southampton (21)

At the tender age of 21, Gavin Bazunu has started to earn recognition as the premier goalkeeper for Southampton.

His nimbleness and quick reflexes make him a valuable player especially in high-stress matches. It’s difficult to find a player more committed or passionate.

Let’s take a look at his performance numbers:

SeasonClean SheetsSaves

The consistent increase in clean sheets and saves indicates Bazunu’s steady progress. He’s not merely stopping goals, but also turning the tide of matches, with each save significantly influencing Southampton’s position.

For such a young player, he shows incredible potential. Keep watching him – his progression in international football is set to continue.

3. Illan Meslier – Leeds United (23)

Shifting our attention, let’s discuss the career of Illan Meslier, a rising star at Leeds United at the young age of 23.

Originating from France, this talented goalkeeper has demonstrated exceptional skill and maturity that surpass his age. From his first appearance in the Premier League, he’s been a steadfast figure at the goal for Leeds.

Meslier is known for his exceptional ability to stop shots and his incredible agility – traits that enable him to execute spectacular saves with ease.

His confidence when handling the ball is also notable; he is unafraid to play out from the back when under pressure. His authoritative presence in the penalty box is often key in dealing with crosses and set-pieces.

4. Maarten Vandevoordt – Genk (21)

Let’s take a closer look at the career of Maarten Vandevoordt, a prominent player from Genk who is just 21 years old.

This young Belgian goalkeeper has already made a name for himself in the football sphere with his extraordinary skills and notable saves. It’s impressive how he’s secured his position in Genk’s initial lineup at such a young age.

Here are some current stats about Vandevoordt:

SeasonAppearancesClean Sheets

His exceptional ability to predict attacks and make crucial saves is noteworthy. His agility, combined with excellent ball distribution, differentiates him from other goalkeepers.

Keep your eyes on this young man – he’s on a path to greatness! With the experience he’s gaining, there’s no doubt that Vandevoordt will reach even higher in his career.

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5. Alban Lafont – Nantes (24)

You are now focusing on Alban Lafont from Nantes, who is making significant strides at the age of 24.

This French goalkeeper dominates the field with his extraordinary saves and confident control of his territory. His agility, reflexes, and decision-making abilities are exceptional for his age.

Lafont’s contributions have been key to Nantes’ achievements this season. His ability to stop shots is undisputed, but his distribution is what truly distinguishes him. He can initiate counterattacks with precise long throws and is adept at playing from the back when under pressure.

One thing is clear: Lafont’s future is promising. With continuous growth and regularity, there’s no limit to how far he could go in the football industry. Keep this emerging star on your radar!

6. Diogo Costa – Porto (23)

Switching our focus to Portugal, Diogo Costa of Porto emerges as a promising talent in the football arena.

At 23 years of age, he’s creating quite a stir with his nimble dives and rapid reflexes that have won over many football enthusiasts. He’s recognized as one of the leading young goalkeepers on the international scene.

Costa’s exceptional shot-stopping decision-making skills are a sight to behold, as is his calm demeanor when handling crosses under intense pressure.

His adeptness with his feet is another notable skill, an essential trait in the current game where goalkeepers must also contribute to initiating attacks.

Despite his youth, he exhibits a maturity on the field that belies his years, a clear indication of his enormous potential and dedication to the sport.

Keep Costa on your radar; his journey to becoming Portugal’s future number one goalkeeper is definitely worth watching.

7. Lucas Chevalier – Lille (21)

Rising to fame in France is Lucas Chevalier, the 21-year-old Lille star. His exceptional skills and undeniable talent have been turning heads.

You may have witnessed his gravity-defying, sensational saves. He is not just a strong force shielding the goal post, but also a critical player during penalty shootouts due to his unique ability to anticipate shot paths.

His nimbleness and swift reflexes are remarkable for his age. His control of the area is beyond his years; it’s as if he was born to protect those posts!

Chevalier’s performances have garnered attention, drawing parallels with esteemed keepers like Hugo Lloris.

Keep a lookout for this French whizz kid; he’s on a mission to revolutionize goalkeeping standards around the globe.

8. Gabriel Slonina – Chelsea (19)

Chelsea boasts an impressive young talent, Gabriel Slonina. At just 19 years old, he’s making a significant impression. His exceptional agility and reflexes draw parallels with some of the most respected goalkeepers in the game.

Slonina’s reputation as an effective shot-stopper is well earned, with his knack for making critical saves under intense pressure highlighting a calmness that goes beyond his youth.

Technical skills are another strong point for Slonina. His distribution is both precise and swift, critical qualities in the modern game where goalkeepers are tasked with launching attacks from the defensive end.

Slonina isn’t all about raw talent, though. He displays a level of maturity and leadership on the pitch that contradicts his young age.

Keep a close watch on Slonina; he could soon rise to be a star player.

9. Giorgi Mamardashvili – Valencia (22)

Giorgi Mamardashvili, a 22-year-old prodigy at Valencia, leaves a significant imprint on the game with his exceptional skills.

His nimble movements and rapid responses distinguish him from his contemporaries. Skilled in the use of his hands and feet, he shows no hesitation in guarding his goal.

To better comprehend his skills, let’s examine some numbers:

SeasonClean SheetsSaves
2022/23 (ongoing)

These statistics serve as solid proof of his escalating reputation as one of the best young goalkeepers. Keep this name in mind: Giorgi Mamardashvili. He definitely has a promising future ahead.

10. Inaki Pena – Barcelona (24)

Turning our attention to Inaki Pena, the 24-year-old goalie for Barcelona B is creating quite a buzz. His agility and tactical sharpness make him a unique presence on the field. Pena’s game comprehension is praiseworthy as he seems to read his opponents effortlessly.

His reflexes are as sharp as a falcon’s, leaving strikers searching for other options due to his excellent positioning.

However, Pena’s skills aren’t limited to preventing goals. His distribution abilities are exceptional, initiating attacks from the backline with an accuracy that is reminiscent of Barcelona’s famous tiki-taka style.

One should not underestimate his mental toughness either. Excelling under pressure in such a critical role requires guts, and Pena has shown he has them in abundance.

Inaki Pena is indeed a talented and determined young player who deserves close attention.


In the exhilarating universe of football, these youthful talents are grabbing attention. They are creating ripples with their stunning saves and confidently ruling their penalty areas, showing maturity beyond their years. Keep a watchful eye on them!

They are not just ordinary goalkeepers, they are the potential future custodians of the goalpost and might even turn into legends.

Commit their names to memory because you will likely be hearing much more about them in the near future.

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