Top 10 Greatest Napoli Players Of All Time – Napoli Legends

Are you a fan of the Napoli football club? Do you want to know who the greatest players in the club’s history are? Look no further as we present the top 10 greatest Napoli players of all time – Napoli legends.

These players have left an indelible mark on the club’s history and have become icons for generations of fans.

From Diego Maradona, who led Napoli to their first-ever Serie A title in 1987, to current captain Lorenzo Insigne, who has been instrumental in recent successes such as winning the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana, these players have shown exceptional skill and dedication on the field.

Marek Hamsik, Dries Mertens, Antonio Juliano, Giuseppe Bruscolotti, Attila Sallustro, Edinson Cavani, and Bruno Giordan complete this list of legends who have made significant contributions to Napoli’s success over the years.

Join us as we closely examine each player’s achievements and impact on one of Italy’s most beloved football clubs.

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 1. Diego Maradona

Greatest Napoli Players

You can only talk about Napoli legends by mentioning Diego Maradona. He’s the one who put the city on the map with his ‘golden touch.’ The Argentinean footballer arrived in Naples in 1984 and quickly became a hero to the fans.

He led the team to their first-ever Serie A title in 1987 and then repeated the feat in 1990. Maradona was a great player and a leader who inspired his teammates to perform at their best.

His dribbling skills were second to none, and he scored some of the most memorable goals in Napoli’s history. Following his death, he continues to be revered by football fans worldwide for the legacy he left behind.

2. Marek Hamsik

Greatest Napoli Players

If you’re a fan of Napoli, Marek Hamsik’s name is sure to come up in any conversation about the team’s most talented players.

The Slovakian midfielder played for Napoli from 2007 to 2019, and during his time with the club, he became their all-time leading scorer with 121 goals in 520 appearances across all competitions.

He was also an integral part of the team that won two Coppa Italia titles and finished as runners-up in Serie A twice.

Napoli benefited greatly from Hamsik’s ability to play in various positions. He was versatile enough to operate in either the attacking or center midfield positions and his technical skill set helped him and his colleagues create numerous scoring chances.

In addition to his impressive goal-scoring record, Hamsik recorded 111 assists during his time at Napoli. His contributions to the team were recognized when he was named captain for the first time in September 2013, a role he held until he departed from the club in January 2019.

Here’s a table showcasing some of Hamsik’s notable achievements at Napoli:

All-time leading scorer121
Appearances across all competitions520
Coppa Italia titles2
Serie A runner-upTwice

Overall, Marek Hamsik deserves a place among Napoli legends for his incredible contribution to the club during his twelve-year spell there.

3. Dries Mertens

 Greatest Napoli Players

Dries Mertens, a name synonymous with skill and tenacity, earned his place among Napoli’s legends with performances that left fans in awe.

His time with Napoli began in 2013, and he quickly became a favorite for his agility, precision, and versatility.

Playing in various offensive roles, from winger to attacking midfielder, his ability to adapt was remarkable, but it was as a striker that he truly shined.

Mertens’ agility and scoring ability made him a key player for Napoli, helping lead the team to achieve success in various competitions.

His partnership with fellow attackers often made Napoli’s front line look invincible. During the 2016-2017 season, he netted 34 goals & assists across all competitions, a personal best.

Mertens didn’t just score goals; he scored beautiful ones, often from positions where others wouldn’t even attempt a shot.

What sets Mertens apart from many greats is his commitment to the team and the community of Naples. He showed a dedication that went beyond the pitch, engaging with fans and becoming an integral part of the city’s fabric.

With over 130 goals for Napoli at the time of writing, his place among the greats is secure. But it’s not just the numbers that tell his story; it’s the style, grace, and heart he showed every time he put on that Napoli shirt.

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4. Antonio Juliano

When talking about Napoli legends, Antonio Juliano definitely ranks among the best. Born in Naples, Juliano’s passion for the game blossomed early, and it was no surprise when he joined his hometown club, Napoli, in 1962.

During his time with the club, Juliano became a symbol of consistency and dedication, characteristics that endeared him to fans and teammates alike.

With Napoli, he played the role of a midfield maestro, orchestrating plays, and exhibiting a control over the game that few could match.

Juliano’s ability to read the game was second to none, and he often seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else on the field.

His extraordinary vision allowed him to make pin-point passes that would often lead to goals. 383 appearances for Napoli and a successful stint with the Italian national team, including participation in the 1970 World Cup, cemented his place as one of Italy’s most respected players.

But it was his love for Napoli and his fierce loyalty to the club that made him a true legend.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Juliano’s career was his unwavering commitment to the game and to Napoli. His dedication went beyond merely playing; he lived and breathed football, and Napoli was an extension of his own soul.

It wasn’t just about winning; it was about playing with integrity, giving his all, and always putting the team first. Antonio Juliano wasn’t just a great player; he was an embodiment of what it means to be a true Napoli Legend.

His influence continues to resonate, and his legacy at the club is one that will never be forgotten.

5. Giuseppe Bruscolotti

 Greatest Napoli Players

Bruscolotti, a former captain of Napoli, had an illustrious career with the club during the 1970s and 1980s.

He played for Napoli for 16 years and is considered one of the greatest defenders in the history of Italian football. Bruscolotti was known for his tenacity, physicality, and leadership on the pitch.

Napoli scored their first Serie A championship under his leadership in 1987, as well as two Coppa Italia championships.

Bruscolotti’s performances were crucial to Napoli’s success during this period as he helped form a formidable defensive partnership with Ciro Ferrara.

After retiring from football, Bruscolotti remained involved in the sport by becoming a commentator and pundit. His contribution to Napoli’s success makes him an iconic figure in the club’s history.

6. Ciro Ferrara

Greatest Napoli Players

You can only talk about Napoli’s history by mentioning Ciro Ferrara. He was the tough-tackling defender who was a rock at the back for the club during the 1990s.

Napoli scored their first Serie A championship under his leadership in 1987, as well as two Coppa Italia championships.

Under his direction, Napoli won the Serie A title for the first time in 1987 and two Coppa Italia titles. He joined Napoli’s youth academy in 1982 and made his first-team debut in 1984.

Ferrara played for Napoli for eight seasons, from 1985 to 1993, making over 300 appearances for the club. He was known for his no-nonsense defending style and his leadership on the pitch.

Ferrara won two Serie A titles with Napoli, a UEFA Cup, and an Italian Supercup.

He later went on to play for Juventus and the Italian national team. Ferrara earned over 50 caps before retiring in 2005.

7. Attila Sallustro

Attila Sallustro was a midfielder who played for Napoli in the 1930s. He was known for his impressive ball control and skillful dribbling.

Born in Argentina to Italian parents, he moved to Italy at an early age. Sallustro made his professional debut with Napoli in 1932 and quickly became a fan favorite.

At Napoli, he won two Serie A titles and one Coppa Italia trophy. He was also a member of the Italian national team that won the 1934 World Cup.

8. Edinson Cavani

 Greatest Napoli Players

Now that we’ve delved into the career of Attila Sallustro let’s move on to another great Napoli player: Edinson Cavani. You may have heard of him as one of the most prolific scorers in Serie A history, and rightfully so.

Cavani played for Napoli from 2010-2013 and scored an impressive 104 goals in just 138 appearances.

He was a crucial part of the team’s success during his time there, helping them win their first Coppa Italia title in over two decades.

His skill on the pitch was unmatched, with his ability to score goals from practically any angle making him a fan favorite among Napoli supporters.

Despite leaving the club almost a decade ago, Cavani is still remembered fondly by fans as one of the greatest players ever to wear the blue shirt.

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9. Bruno Giordano

Greatest Napoli Players

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Bruno Giordano, who made an impact as a midfielder for Napoli in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Giordano was born in Naples and started his professional career with Napoli in 1972. His technical prowess, strong tackling, and authoritative play rapidly made him a fan favorite.

Giordano was part of the Napoli team that won their first major trophy, the Coppa Italia, in 1976. At the club, he played alongside fellow legends like Diego Maradona and Ciro Ferrara.

Despite not winning any major titles with Napoli besides the Coppa Italia, Giordan is still remembered fondly by fans for his passion and dedication to the club.

After leaving Napoli in 1983, Giordano played for several other Italian clubs before retiring in 1991. Even after retirement, he continued to give back to his community by working with local youth teams. He remains involved with Napoli as a scout to this day.

Bruno Giordan was more than just a player – he symbolized Naples itself. His love for the city and its people shone through every time he stepped onto the pitch.

10. Lorenzo Insigne

 Greatest Napoli Players

Lorenzo Insigne, a name synonymous with Napoli’s modern success, has etched his place as one of the club’s all-time greats.

Born and raised in Naples, Insigne’s connection with the club runs deeper than just the pitch.

His dazzling dribbling skills, precise passing, and lethal left foot have made him a standout player for Napoli.

His loyalty to the club and his ability to consistently deliver in crucial moments have endeared him to fans and critics alike.

Insigne’s journey with Napoli began in the youth system, where he quickly rose through the ranks to make his senior debut in 2010.

His growth as a player was meteoric, and he soon became a vital part of the team’s attacking force. His versatility allowed him to play in various attacking positions, and his flair and creativity became a hallmark of Napoli’s play.

Whether scoring goals or providing assists, Insigne’s contributions were often the difference between victory and defeat.

But it’s not just his on-field prowess that makes Insigne a Napoli legend; it’s his embodiment of the city’s spirit and passion.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, and his love for the club is palpable in every game he plays. His leadership on and off the field has been instrumental in Napoli’s successes during his tenure


The legacy of Napoli Legends is indelibly shaped by the remarkable contributions of its top 10 greatest players of all time.

These footballing titans not only showcased unparalleled talent and skill on the field but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of Napoli supporters worldwide.

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