Top 10 Greatest Leicester City Players Of All Time – Leicester City Legends

Leicester City Players – the club that defied all odds and made football history in 2016 by winning the Premier League title. You must remember it well; a fairy tale that even Hollywood couldn’t have scripted better.

A band of misfits and underdogs led by a charismatic Italian manager, Claudio Ranieri, who taught us all to believe in miracles again.

So why not take this opportunity to reminisce about some of the greatest players ever to don the blue shirt?

After all, everyone loves a good trip down memory lane, especially when it’s sprinkled with moments of sheer brilliance.

In this article, you’ll get to know the top 10 greatest Leicester City players of all time – true legends who have graced the King Power Stadium (or Filbert Street for those with longer memories) and left an indelible mark on the hearts of Foxes fans everywhere.

From goalkeeping greats like Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton to prolific strikers. Such as Gary Lineker and Jamie Vardy, these are the players.

Who’ve made you jump out of your seat in elation or grip your head in despair – but always kept you coming back for more.

Because deep down inside we’re all craving that taste of freedom only football can provide: The freedom to dream big and defy expectations time after time.

So sit back, relax, and let us take you on an unforgettable journey through Leicester City’s. Rich history as we pay tribute to their legendary heroes.

1. Gordon Banks

Leicester City Players

You can’t help but feel immense respect for Gordon Banks, a true Leicester City legend whose goalkeeping skills are etched in history forever.

It’s not just his incredible talent that garners such admiration but also his unwavering. Dedication to the sport and an unrelenting determination to push boundaries.

As you delve deeper into his story, a sense of awe envelops you while discovering how this remarkable man defied all odds and became one of the greatest players ever.

Gordon Banks’ journey with Leicester City began in 1959 when he signed on as their goalkeeper. Over seven years. He made 293 appearances for the club and played an instrumental role in helping them reach new heights.

From securing their first-ever FA Cup Final appearance in 1961 to winning. In the League Cup in 1964, Banks was undoubtedly an integral part of their success.

But what truly sets him apart is his indomitable spirit, Leicester City Players which continued to soar even after losing sight in one eye due to a car accident in 1972.

Despite this setback, he went on to play for another two years before finally retiring from professional football.

This unwavering commitment to pursuing freedom – both on and off the field – makes Gordon Banks an enduring symbol. Of hope and inspiration for generations of aspiring footballers and sports enthusiasts alike.

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2. Peter Shilton

Leicester City Players

Peter Shilton’s presence between the sticks was nothing short of a brick wall, making him an unforgettable figure in the Foxes’ history.

His incredible reflexes and shot-stopping ability earned him the reputation of one of English football’s greatest goalkeepers.

Joining Leicester City at just 16 years old, he quickly Leicester City Players rose through the ranks to become their first-choice goalkeeper.

Over his ten-year spell at Filbert Street, Shilton made over 300 appearances for the club and became a key player. During their most successful period in the late 1960s.

Shilton’s heroics on numerous occasions led fans to believe there was no limit to what he could achieve with Leicester.

He routinely denied opposing teams from scoring with his commanding presence and exceptional skill set.

To better understand Shilton’s impact on Leicester City, take a look at this table highlighting some of his impressive stats:

Statistic Number Remark
Appearances 339 A testament to his consistency
Clean Sheets 125 Demonstrating his defensive prowess
Goals Conceded ~350 An impressive average per game
Honors League Cup (1964) Helping lead Leicester City to victory
England Caps 125 _ A record for any English goalkeeper

These numbers only tell part of Shilton’s story; through engaging storytelling, we can truly appreciate this legend’s contributions on and off the field.

As you delve deeper into Peter Shilton’s career, you’ll discover how he continually pushed boundaries and challenged expectations.

Ultimately achieving greatness for himself and those who had once doubted him – thus satisfying your subconscious desire for freedom that lies within us all.

3. Gary Lineker

Leicester City Players

Gary Lineker is another football legend associated with the Foxes. He is widely considered one of England’s best attackers, and his success is a testimony to Leicester’s footballing skill.

Born urban setting itself, Lineker’s journey from local schoolboy to international superstar perfectly embodies the never-say-die spirit that runs Leicester City Players through the heart of every Leicester City fan.

From his early days at Filbert Street to his record-breaking exploits for England, it was clear that this fearless. Forward had something special about him – an innate ability to find the back of the net with almost unrivaled consistency.

Growing up among the terraced streets of Aylestone Park, Lineker would’ve never imagined that he’d one day. Become synonymous with his Leicester City Players beloved hometown club and world football.

As you retrace his footsteps, from humble beginnings on muddy school pitches to lifting trophies under floodlit skies across Europe. You can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for what this local lad achieved.

His prolific goal-scoring instincts saw him leave defenders floundering in his wake time and again – all done with a touch of class and sportsmanship rarely seen today.

Gary Lineker is a true legend for Leicester City, and he will always inspire others who want to follow their dreams.

4. Jamie Vardy

Leicester City Players

Think about the excitement of seeing Jamie Vardy go from playing in the lower leagues to winning the Premier League. It’s like watching a rocket soar through the sky, defying gravity and leaving a trail of stardust in its wake.

Seeing this man’s journey unfold before your Leicester City Players’ eyes is akin to living vicariously through an underdog story worthy of Hollywood fame.

For those fortunate enough to follow his career closely, it’s clear that Vardy embodies the spirit of never giving up on one’s dreams. He is living proof that everything is possible with unyielding commitment and arduous effort.

Vardy’s breakout season with Leicester City in the historic 2015–2016 season will go down in football lore as one of the greatest individual seasons ever.

By setting new standards for greatness on his way to winning the Premier League with 24 goals. He inspired a generation of young players and changed the game forever.

In addition to solidifying his status as a true icon among Leicester City fans. His blazing speed, fearless attitude, and uncanny ability to find the back of the net won over fans worldwide.

However, more than just his impressive statistics or eye-catching performances on match day. Vardy’s relentless pursuit of greatness resonates with those craving freedom from life’s constraints.

He is an inspiring example that no dream is too big or out of reach for anyone willing to defy expectations and persevere against all odds.

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5. Steve Walsh

Leicester City Players

You might not know it, but Steve Walsh’s contributions to the beautiful game are just as awe-inspiring and significant as those of his more celebrated teammates.

A true Leicester City legend, Walsh made an indelible mark on the club during his 14-year stint from 1986 to 2000.

His versatility allowed him to play in various Leicester City Players’ positions across the backline and midfield, adding to his overall value for the team.

However, it was at center-back where he truly shone brightest – a fearless leader who would put his body on the line for the cause.

What sets Walsh apart is his ability on the pitch and his unwavering commitment and passion for Leicester City.

He was important in the club’s two League Cup titles (1997 and 2000) and two promotions to the Premier League throughout the 1990s.

As captain, he led by example, driving his teammates forward with that same desire. For the freedom that you crave deep within yourself.

His never-say-die attitude resonates with fans even today – a testament to Steve Walsh’s lasting legacy as one of Leicester City’s all-time greats.

6. Kasper Schmeichel

Leicester City Players

In the heat of a nail-biting match, Leicester City Players Kasper Schmeichel’s unwavering focus and cat-like reflexes keep your heart racing and eyes glued to the screen.

Kasper, the son of legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, has undoubtedly carved his path to success with Leicester City.

His fearless approach to goal has seen him make countless crucial saves, leading his team to victory numerous times and solidifying his position as one of the all-time greats.

Kasper’s role in Leicester City’s miraculous Premier League title win during the 2015-2016 season cannot be understated.

His incredible performance between the posts was instrumental in their fairytale journey. Proving once again that he was worth every penny spent on him.

Watching him dive through the air with grace and agility feels like witnessing an artist at work; each saves a testament to his dedication and passion for football.

Season Appearances Clean Sheets
2011-2012 52 17
2012-2013 49 12
2013-2014 46 18
2014-2015 36 9
Total 183 56

The above figures demonstrate the exceptional goaltending of Kasper Schmeichel for Leicester City. He’s one of the club’s greatest goalkeepers, with over fifty years of clean sheets.

Watching him play is exhilarating and liberating, reminding us we can overcome obstacles with perseverance and hard work.

Kasper Schmeichel’s journey with Leicester City shows the power of the human spirit and inspires us to keep pursuing our dreams.

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7. Riyad Mahrez

Leicester City Players

When you’re watching Riyad Mahrez on the pitch, it’s hard not to be captivated by his exceptional skill and finesse.

The Algerian winger has been a standout player for Leicester City since joining the club in 2014, helping them achieve their historic Premier League title in the 2015-16 season.

Mahrez’s ability to weave through defenses with quick footwork and agility is nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving fans and opponents alike in awe of his talent.

As one of Leicester City’s greatest players of all time, he embodies the spirit of freedom that many fans crave – the freedom to express oneself creatively on the field, unencumbered by rigid tactics or expectations.

During his time with Leicester City, Mahrez forged a dynamic partnership with fellow legend Jamie Vardy, leading to countless memorable moments on the pitch.

His vision and passing ability enabled him to unlock even the tightest defenses, providing Vardy with numerous scoring opportunities.

Mahrez was a modest and industrious person off the field who never forgot his roots despite his meteoric rise to fame.

He was appropriately named PFA Players’ Player of the Year after helping Leicester win the Premier League 2016.

A key piece in the magnificent machine that triumphed against all odds to create a fresh chapter in football’s annals, Riyad Mahrez will be remembered as the embodiment of the club’s enormous quest for independence.

8. N’Golo Kante

Leicester City Players

It’s no surprise that N’Golo Kante has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide with his tireless work ethic and incredible ability to cover every inch of the pitch.

This French midfielder became a key figure in Leicester’s remarkable 2015-16 Premier League title win, forming a formidable partnership with Danny Drinkwater and easily breaking up opposition attacks.

Kante’s humble personality and relentless determination inspire aspiring footballers everywhere as he continues to showcase his talent on both domestic and international stages.

Kante’s journey from playing in the lower leagues of France to becoming one of the most sought-after midfielders in Europe embodies freedom – freedom to dream big, work hard, and ultimately succeed against all odds.

His unyielding spirit resonates with those who dare to challenge themselves and break free from their limitations.

N’Golo Kante is a constant reminder that anything is possible when you have unwavering dedication, self-belief, and a never-say-die attitude – qualities that will inspire not just future generations of footballers but anyone seeking true emancipation.

9. Arthur Rowley

Leicester City Players

After marveling at N’Golo Kante’s incredible impact on Leicester City’s historic title-winning season, it’s time to turn back the clock and appreciate one of the all-time greats who donned the Foxes’ jersey. Let us introduce you to a true legend in Leicester City history – Arthur Rowley.

Arthur Rowley, also known as ‘The Gunner,’ was a prolific goal scorer whose remarkable talent still resonates with fans today.

Between 1950 and 1958, he scored an astonishing 251 league goals for the Foxes, making him their all-time leading goal scorer.

His record remains unbroken today, signifying his immense contribution to Leicester City’s legacy.

Not only did he have an uncanny ability to find the net, but his leadership qualities were equally impressive.

As captain during his tenure at Filbert Street (the old home of Leicester), Rowley guided The Foxes through thick and thin – ultimately securing promotion from Division Two on three separate occasions.

So take a moment to let your imagination roam free and envisage witnessing firsthand this exceptional player in action – a true embodiment of footballing freedom that still inspires generations of supporters today.

10. Graham Cross

Leicester City Players

Shifting our focus to another remarkable talent, let’s dive into the illustrious career of Graham Cross, a versatile and dedicated player who left an indelible mark on the Foxes’ history.

Born in Braunstone, Leicester, Cross started his journey with Leicester City as a trainee before signing professionally in 1960.

He became one of the club’s most loyal servants, spending his entire footballing career at Filbert Street.

Graham Cross was famous for his adaptability; he could play equally well as a defender or midfielder, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

His unwavering commitment and tireless work ethic saw him amass an astonishing 599 appearances for Leicester City between 1961 and 1975 – a record number for any outfield player in the club’s history.

This extraordinary feat put him second only to Peter Shilton regarding total appearances made for the Foxes.

With two League Cup wins under his belt (in 1964 and 1971), Cross remains one of Leicester City’s true legends – embodying that undying spirit of perseverance and loyalty that resonates with fans who long for freedom from fleeting success and short-term glory.


You’ve witnessed the crème de la crème of Leicester City legends, from the unbeatable goalkeeping duo of Banks and Shilton to the unstoppable scoring machines like Lineker and Vardy.

Maybe you were moved by Mahrez’s magic or Kante’s tireless drive in the middle of the field.

Now it’s time for you to reminisce on these iconic performances that lit up King Power Stadium like a fireworks display.

So raise your glasses high as you toast to these Foxe’s legends who will forever live on in our hearts and memories.

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