10 Best Goal Celebrations In MLS History

Soccer isn’t just a game of goals; it’s a stage for the exuberant expressions that follow. Each goal celebration in MLS history carries its own narrative, a burst of personality that fans cherish long after the match ends.

As we dive into the 10 best goal celebrations in Major League Soccer, we’ll uncover the jubilation that has not only punctuated great plays but has stitched itself into the fabric of the sport!

1. Clint Mathis

Can you believe you might’ve missed Clint Mathis’ memorable celebration from 2001, where his breakdancing moves on the soccer field became a highlight in MLS history?

This event wasn’t just about a player scoring; it was a performance that merged soccer and the dynamic culture of hip-hop.

Mathis’ impromptu and stylish actions reflected an enthusiasm often absent in the strategic sphere of professional sports.

His decision to perform the worm—a dance move requiring both physical skill and a sense of spontaneity—followed by a pause, wasn’t just for entertainment.

It conveyed a message, an acknowledgment of the b-boy era and the genuine thrill they brought.

Mathis’ celebration is still a reference point for inventiveness and personal expression in the game.

2. Josef Martinez

You’ll always remember Josef Martinez’s exuberant reaction after scoring a crucial goal against the New York Red Bulls during the 2018 Eastern Conference semifinals, a defining moment for Atlanta United’s rise in MLS. Martinez, known for his deadly precision in front of goal, left an unforgettable impression on Atlanta supporters.

His goal celebration was a passionate outpouring for fans eager for victory over a formidable opponent.

Reflecting on this memorable event, consider these points:

  1. The goal broke through the mental barriers Atlanta faced when playing the Red Bulls.
  2. Martinez’s intense emotions reflected the shared elation of both fans and teammates.
  3. His jubilant reaction marked a pivotal shift, propelling Atlanta’s drive toward their ultimate triumph in the MLS Cup.

In that moment, Martinez did more than just score; he ignited a significant movement.

3. Clint Dempsey

Reflecting on memorable events in MLS history, Clint Dempsey’s unique celebrations stand out within the league. His spontaneous expressions of happiness carried more than just visual appeal—they often contained a playful message.

Consider the 2005 game at RFK Stadium, where Dempsey’s mock home run celebration humorously recognized the shared space with the Washington Nationals, rounding the bases on a baseball field after scoring a goal.

It wasn’t merely a routine celebration; it represented a blend of cultural elements, acknowledging the traditions of another sport.

Then there was his ‘stop, drop, and roll’ celebration against Chicago, cleverly using the Fire’s own nickname in a humorous way.

It speaks to Dempsey’s ingenuity and sharp humor that his celebratory actions have been replicated by athletes like Matt Miazga and Carlos Vela, confirming his influence as a pioneer in the art of the goal celebration.

4. Nicolas Lodeiro

Continuing with iconic celebrations, Nicolas Lodeiro’s heartfelt tribute to his late father stands out as a significant moment in Major League Soccer.

When Lodeiro scored for the Seattle Sounders, his actions were more than just a celebration; they connected with a memory, a ritual transcending the match.

Removing his boot, he brought it to his ear, a symbolic gesture evoking the image of a son wishing to share his triumphs with his father once again.

Consider why this moment resonates so deeply:

  1. It’s a universal symbol of loss and memory, easily understood and felt.
  2. The celebration merges personal sorrow with professional success, a moving combination of the public and private self.
  3. It’s a genuine expression of emotion, unscripted and sincere, which connects with anyone who’s experienced loss.

5. Alberth Elis

Alberth Elis’s Black Panther celebration quickly became a memorable moment in MLS history, captivating fans with a nod to superhero charm.

When Elis, nicknamed ‘La Panterita,’ scored for Houston Dynamo, his goal was more than just a score; it was the embodiment of a persona deeply connected with the audience, embodying the flair inherent in contemporary football culture.

Wearing the Black Panther mask, he took on the attributes of the admired Marvel character – power, nimbleness, and the spirit of a victor. This act was more than an expression of happiness; it was a performance that linked pop culture with the fervor of the game.

Elis’s unique celebration is notable for its creativity and the way it wove a story extending beyond the game itself, earning a spot in the record books of MLS celebrations.

6. Alecko Eskandarian

Enjoying the pure skill on the soccer field, Alecko Eskandarian’s iconic celebration added a dash of humor and rivalry to Major League Soccer’s history.

He famously mocked the New York Red Bulls by spitting out their sponsored drink after scoring. This moment is remembered for several reasons:

  1. It highlighted the intense rivalry between D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls.
  2. The spontaneous act captured the irreverent spirit typical of soccer celebrations.
  3. It humorously pointed out the cultural influence of sponsorship in sports.

Eskandarian’s celebration transcended simply scoring a goal; it was a theatrical statement, a playful jab that went beyond the game, showcasing the unique character of Major League Soccer players and the dynamic culture of the league.

7. Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis’ name might escape you, but his unique goal celebration would certainly jog your memory if you’d witnessed it, as it carved a special place in MLS history.

Though the specifics such as the exact date and opposing team have faded into the annals of soccer memory, the essence of Lewis’ exuberance remains memorable. The fact that his post-goal ritual made such an impact that it spurred imitation on local fields is testament to its captivating charm.

Lewis’ unbridled happiness, captured in that instant, goes beyond the details, embodying the spirit of soccer and the spontaneous creativity that transforms athletes into icons of entertainment. These organic moments contribute to the distinct history of MLS.

8. Marco Fabian

Marco Fabian’s goal celebration at FC Cincinnati caught the eye as he turned a typical scoring moment into an engaging display with his basketball-style tomahawk slam. His time with Philadelphia mightn’t have been consistently dazzling, but this particular instance stood out, showing his inventive spirit.

In evaluating this celebration, consider:

  1. Inventiveness: Fabian’s imitation of a basketball player broke away from conventional soccer celebrations.
  2. Team Participation: Alejandro Bedoya contributed to the act, forming an ‘arm hoop’ for the slam, highlighting unity and team spirit.
  3. Amusement Factor: The celebration went beyond the game, providing fans with a fun, cross-sport spectacle.

9. Diego Fagundez

Every goal celebration has its own unique style, and Diego Fagundez’s enactment of firing a musket with The Musket Men of Gillette Stadium has left a mark in MLS history. Visualize a young playmaker, scoring and immersing himself in the victory traditions of his home ground.

With a simple header, Fagundez ignited a rally against Chicago, then joined in a celebration that was both historical and filled with drama. By acting out the musket shot, he celebrated his achievement and connected with fans through a ritual deep in New England’s history.

This wasn’t merely a goal – it became an event that went beyond the sport, merging the roles of athlete and supporter, past and present, crafting an unforgettable experience for all observers.

10. Kei Kamara

As you enjoy Diego Fagundez’s musket fire celebrations, consider Kei Kamara’s unique goal celebrations, which have become a key part of his identity on the soccer field. Kamara’s inventive and impromptu performances during each celebration highlight his abilities not just as a striker but also as an entertainer.

His celebrations feature:

  1. Diversity: Ranging from slow-motion enactments to nods to popular culture, Kamara keeps spectators on their toes.
  2. Involvement: He encourages fans donning yellow hard hats to participate, embodying a sense of shared excitement.
  3. Amusement: His twerking – provocative and humorous – makes sure his celebrations stick in the memory just as much as his goals do.

Assessing Kamara’s unique approach, it’s evident that his contribution to the game transcends merely putting the ball in the net; it’s about forging a connection with the audience in a way that’s both intimate and showy.

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