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Everton Football Club’s history is a rich mosaic of skill, passion, and memorable moments, thanks to its remarkable players. Each one of them has left an indelible mark, from goal-scoring legends to masterful defenders, shaping what it means to be a part of this storied team.

1. Dixie Dean

Perched atop Everton’s storied past, the legendary figure of Dixie Dean is defined by an unmatched goal-scoring legacy. His career inspires admiration as he amassed a staggering 60 league goals during the 1927-1928 campaign—a record that stands unchallenged in English football.

His consistent ability to find the back of the net wasn’t simply a streak of good form; it was a reflection of his exceptional talent and striker’s instinct.

Evaluating his contributions, it’s clear that Dean’s game intelligence and commanding physicality were vital to Everton. His prolific scoring played a key role in the club’s triumphs, such as clinching the league championship in the same year he made his historic mark.

Dean represented more than just a team member; he was the embodiment of the aspirations and essence of Everton Football Club.

2. Alan Ball

Alan Ball, known for his unwavering work ethic and remarkable abilities in midfield, became an essential part of Everton following his transfer in 1966, playing a pivotal role in the club clinching the First Division title during his initial season.

His influence was felt straight away as he combined technical proficiency with boundless energy. Recognize Ball as a player who was the epitome of commitment, having a consistent impact on matches with his tactical insight and dedication.

To appreciate his contributions to Everton, let’s examine his career with the club through statistics:

Appearances251Steadfast member of the starting lineup
Goals78Noteworthy number for a midfielder
Titles1966 First DivisionCentral to a significant club achievement

Ball’s statistics are a testament to his value to the team, solidifying his status as an Evertonian icon.

3. Neville Southall

Patrolling the goal area throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Neville Southall’s exceptional goalkeeping talents secured him a highly esteemed position among Everton icons. An examination of Everton’s rich history would be incomplete without Southall’s remarkable contributions as the goalkeeper.

His ability to foresee play, his reflexive stops, and his assertive presence played a critical role in Everton’s national and international triumphs.

Southall’s achievements for the club are telling: he holds the record for most appearances in Everton’s history, a clear indication of his dependability and physical endurance.

His accomplishments, which include two First Division championships, one FA Cup victory, and a European Cup Winners’ Cup, highlight his significant influence.

In 1985, he was honored as the FWA Footballer of the Year, an uncommon achievement for a goalkeeper. His legacy endures not only in the trophies he helped secure but also in the high standards he established for the goalkeepers who’d follow at Everton.

4. Brian Labone

Brian Labone is celebrated as one of the most dependable defenders to have graced Everton, representing the club’s defensive strength throughout his years of service.

His robust leadership and straightforward defensive style were instrumental in establishing his reputation as an iconic figure for the club.

Labone was at the heart of the defense, showcasing tenacity and dedication every time he played. His enduring influence is a reflection of his superb abilities and the high regard in which he was held by colleagues.

Appearances534Club Record
Honours2 League TitlesLeadership

When considering Labone’s contributions, his durability and steadfast performance stand out as the foundation of Everton’s achievements in the 1960s and into the early 1970s.

5. Graeme Sharp

While Brian Labone’s legacy was firmly established in defense, Graeme Sharp left his imprint as one of Everton’s most effective forwards, bringing a distinctive kind of thrill to Goodison Park.

His period with the Blues covered the 1980s to the early 1990s, a time when he showed exceptional ability in scoring goals. His record of 159 goals secures him the position of second-highest goal scorer in Everton’s history, evidencing his reliable performances in the offensive role.

Reviewing Sharp’s contributions, it’s evident that his knack for scoring was coupled with his strong build and smart play. He was more than a simple goal scorer; Sharp’s ability to connect with teammates was crucial in numerous Everton scoring opportunities, establishing him as a crucial component of the team’s legacy.

6. Kevin Ratcliffe

Kevin Ratcliffe is recognized as the most triumphant captain of Everton, guiding the team through a golden era in the mid-1980s. His captaincy saw the club win two Football League Championships, an FA Cup, and a European Cup Winners’ Cup.

His defensive skills were fundamental to Everton’s supremacy during this time. Beyond defense, Ratcliffe’s quickness and game insight allowed him to initiate and join in counter-attacks with great effect.

Reflecting on his impact, Ratcliffe brought a dependable and reassuring presence to the defense. He may not have been known for showy displays, but his steadfastness and dependability played a key role in the club’s success.

His legacy remains, and his name is eternally linked with one of the most successful chapters in Everton’s annals.

7. Leighton Baines

Following the footsteps of exceptional defenders such as Ratcliffe, Leighton Baines stood out as a key figure in Everton’s defensive lineup, recognized for his steadfastness and offensive contributions from the left-back role.

His technical skills, precise crosses, and mastery over set-pieces brought an added dimension to Everton’s tactics. His acumen in defense perfectly meshed with his contributions to the team’s attack.

Baines sustained high levels of performance for a considerable duration, evidencing his dedication and physical conditioning.

Considering his influence, Baines exemplified a player who struck a balance between defending responsibilities and a willingness to support the attack, establishing him as a contemporary full-back.

His enduring impact at Everton is evident not only in the club’s history but in the standards he established for those who’d follow.

8. Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill, an Australian international, became a revered figure at Everton with his exceptional ability to score critical goals, especially with his impressive heading skills. His timing and ability to jump high, even though he wasn’t among the tallest players, made him a threat in aerial situations.

Cahill’s fervor and dedication on the field resonated with supporters, and his habit of scoring against rival teams solidified his status as a beloved figure among fans.

AttributeDetailImpact on Everton
Goal scoringOutstanding heading skillsProvided a consistent scoring presence
AdaptabilityFilled various rolesBrought tactical adaptability
Clutch PerformerFound the net in rival matchesUplifted team spirit and supporter loyalty
CommitmentVisible dedicationEarned the affection of supporters
LegacyUnforgettable goal celebrationsCreated an enduring memory

Assessing his impact, it’s clear that Cahill represented more than a mere player; he was a symbol of Everton’s tenacious spirit during his time with the club.

9. Howard Kendall

Tim Cahill’s skill in the air and his consistent scoring in local rival matches won him a revered place among Everton supporters.

Howard Kendall, however, solidified his reputation both on the field and as the club’s most triumphant coach.

As a midfielder, Kendall, together with Colin Harvey and Alan Ball, formed the much-admired ‘Holy Trinity’ and played a significant role in the club’s achievements in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

His period as manager from 1981 to 1987 is unmatched; Kendall guided Everton to two League Championships, an FA Cup victory, and triumph in the 1985 European Cup Winners’ Cup.

His strategic insight and the motivation he provided his players were central to the club’s supremacy in that period.

10. Peter Reid

In the midst of the midfield chaos, Peter Reid emerged as a prominent figure for Everton in the 1980s, encapsulating the club’s determined spirit and strategic order.

His approach to playing was characterized by hard work and cleverness, traits that rendered him an essential member of the team.

Reid played a key role in Everton’s domestic and European achievements, including their victory in the 1984 FA Cup and their triumph in the 1985 European Cup Winners’ Cup.

His talent for anticipating the opponent’s moves and disrupting their strategies was outstanding; Reid’s game wasn’t only about grit but also about subtlety and command. His outstanding displays on the pitch brought him recognition, such as being named the PFA Players’ Player of the Year in 1985.

Reid’s enduring impact at Everton is marked by his dedication to the principles of the club and his role in fostering one of the most triumphant eras in the club’s history.


As you reflect on Everton’s storied history, it’s no coincidence that these legends stand out. Each one, from Dixie Dean’s goal-scoring prowess to Leighton Baines’s modern defensive artistry, has etched a unique legacy at Goodison Park.

Whether it’s Kendall’s tactical genius or Cahill’s aerial threat, these players haven’t just contributed to the club’s success, but defined what it means to wear the Everton crest.

Analyzing their impact, it’s clear they’ve set the standard for all Toffees to aspire to.

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